REALITY CHECK:What we did in Iraq was a real life Beta test for what is going on in America now and for what is going to happen soon

Like I always said..What we did in Iraq was a real life Beta test for what is going on in America now and for what is going to happen soon. In 2009 my team was sent to an undisclosed location in Iraq between Ramada and Fallujah and we were tasked with training the first Iraqi Army Division (IA) on how to deploy specialized tactics during a civilian uprising. I was part of a "special team" that actually over seen the training for riot control and mass detention operations for the IA. We trained the Iraqis on the same exact tactics that were reported in this latest article about the Texas LEOs civil unrest training from FEMA.

After a few days of training the IA we left and went back to our base to give an AAR on the training. I specifically asked my CO why did we teach the Iraqis on how to use the old "stomp and drag" techniques, give them shields and give them 40mm launchers with "less than lethal ammo". I remember specifically asking what citizen uprising scenario were we expecting during a full on war? The whole entire country was in a riot..
No answers were given to me but I got an award for our mission...yippy hurray.

So the Iraqi Army that we training got deployed to Fallujah...for some real life training..because apparently there were protesters on the streets or some nonesense. By the way, everyone protested us being in Iraq, to include ourselves.

So how'd that go? The reports we heard were that the IA could barley form a shield wall, we being bombarded with rumble from "protesters", and fired a few gas rounds into the road that had little to no effect. After a few minutes of frustration, I guess, the IA opened fire into the crowd. I think they killed a dozen "protesters"...

This paticular incident was referred to as "good training", "ya it figures their Iraqis", and "well that's real life I guess" by my senior officers. The whole thing went wrong and we should have been there overseeing them. But we werent. We taught them, we left. They screwed up and killed people. Their fault not ours right?....wrong.

Now look where we are now in this God forsaken country. This is coming to a street near you. Those former Israeli special forces guys we were training with last month, they said within the year or two we will look like Israel. A nation at war with the surrounding countries and fighting terrorism inside it's borders. A prisoner inside your own nation..because of "terrorism".

Steve when we got shot at in Iraq, we replied with Air Strikes. Our forces were never matched. No one could hang with us. And just like now our forces can easily overwhelm the American people in every way. I hear all this talk about our numbers compared to the govts or the militarys, well Iraq had more citizens than we had military personnel..there was more of them than there was of us. But because of technology and superior weapons and other nations helping, we swarmed Iraq and easily took it over.

This is an example of what the military and it's counterparts from the govt and (other govts) can do if they wanted to stop a hostile unrest of the people of a nation. I know because I have done this in Iraq and am doing it now in the US. The comparison of Iraq and America is shocking when you think of the motives. WHAT IS THE INCIDENT THAT PUTS US INTO CIVIL WAR, CIVILIAN UPRISING, REBELLION AGAINST A TYRANNICAL GOVT, WAR WITH SAID GOVT AND IT'S ALLIES?

That being said. I do not believe one second that our nation's law enforcement or military would turn on their own families and friends. But that theory doesn't not apply to: foreign countires, robots or clones. The elite are building a robot and clone army, yes I said that. The elite are going to use small third world countries military in conjunction with larger military from larger nations to attack the US from every direction, this should be well researched if you don't believe me. If reminded I will touch up on this again next time.

We can see these things lining up now. Food is more expensive, stocks are failing, gas prices are climbing again, the earth is erupting in fire and quakes, countries are starting wars and rumors of wars, anarchy is in every state, and the dim light of the Christian church is getting dimmer.

I have posted previously on how to hide during a SHTF scenario I think last September. I will now start to throw out much more info that is easily understood and skills that are easily attainable for everyone's use.

For now here are some basic starters to keep in mind in the event that we never

-Have at least 20 meals, per person, in your home.
-Have two water bottles for each meal, per person. This gives you water during meal and between meals if you do not drink both bottle of water.
-Eat 3 to 4 times a day if possible depending on situations.
-For each meal drink one bottle of water.Between meals drink one bottle of water as already stated. (STAY HYDRATED)
-The environment and work load on your body will determine how much you need to drink.
-Rule of thumb in jungle operations, if your thirsty drink, eat when you stop moving and your fire is started.
-If you have the ability to store up to three small meals a day, try to only eat handfuls at a time through out the day. This keeps your protein and calorie in take at a constant, it doesn't fill you up and make you sluggish and tired, gives you small amounts of controlled energy boosts with each handful meal, and actually helps you keep your food storage much, much longer. This can all be adjusted depending on enviroment.
-Have good wicker type clothing, athletic clothing, tactical apparel, hunting apparel.
-Bring clothing that blends in with yiur enviroment. For all you relctunt hippies out there, leave the funky shirt behind. Dont look like a disco ball amongst the trees. Don't wear blue jeans. Blue is not a camoflauging acceptable color unless you are in water. If you are trying to survive in a water only Water World and take notes. Multicam, kryptek and digital camouflage are best recommened.
-DON'T NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY ON CHEAP GEAR!!!! As we said in the tattoo industry, "cheap work ain't good, and good work ain't cheap". Buy gear that you only have to buy once. I'll list my favorite gear next time.
-Don't bring a stick to a knife fight, don't bring a knife to a gun fight, but train yourself on how to use all three.
-the less you know the more you carry. The More You Know The Less You Carry. Learn perishable skills. Learn survival skills. Learn fighting techniques and apply them in a sparing match with an instructor. Learn how to shoot. Learn how to reload your ammo. LEARN HOW TO MAKE FIRE. Learn how to build a shelter and set up a camp site (bivouac site for my fellow vets out there).Learn how to hunt, how to make primitive hunting tools, how to field dress an animal. Learn as much as you can on medical care. Ect, ect, ect just learn something more than how to be trendy and boring and useless when the lights go out.
-Bring your bible.
-Bring any survival manuals or survival books you have on hand..we do in the field. A picture book is most recommended.
-Bring a book on what edible plant life you can eat based upon your local surroundings and surrounding states.
-Most Importantly don't forget to pray and give thanks to God.

I suggest you take the tactic that I will use on the first couple of days during that SHTF scenario. Eat small amounts of nuts, dried fruit, and dried meat, sip water all day. Also try alternating small food portions with fasting but only during a controlled environment. The reason why I say this, is because you will be rucking a full pack (if your prepared),food, water and water purification gear, clothing, medical supplies, ammo, camping gear, miscellaneous survival items, children, the elderly, or handicapped persons. Stay as light and as realistic as possible.

Jesus fasted for a very very long time, yes. But Jesus did not carry half his house and family on his back and you are not Jesus. You are you, and depending on who you are, will mean how long you survive.

Remember you have to eat eventually and you have to sleep eventually. AND everyone who is watching you, stalking you, chasing you, hunting you, and waiting on you knows this too. So becareful with where you camp (read my post from September 2015 if you want).

Do your best to keep your pack under 80lbs. I hear of all kinds of rediculous numbers on how light your pack should be. 25 pounds is best, realistically, us family men, we will be carrying 80lbs of vital supplies...that does not include ammo and weapons and tools. If your wife can help carry half of that then by all means let her. But one of you must focus on being a pack mule and a guard dog at the same time; the other still has to be a momma and a cook.

If your out of shape and or have health issues, you may want to consider getting in good shape (body weight training) or bugging in and hardening your habitat's structure. I'll save that for another post.

If anyone has any concerns about their level of preparedness, please contact a local "expert" and have them test your survival knowledge. No question is a stupid question. But a warning to you all I do not sugar coat anything. I'm going to give you real answers for real scenarios. I will post more topics on the alerts blog but please read up on your own and seek local mentorship on how to survive when SHTF. May God bless you all.

Apr 23, 2016

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