I have maintained a very low profile for several weeks while receiving information from long time operatives personally known to me from deep past archive files, that are just now surfacing. The depth and breadth of the potential here is staggering as it contains confirmable origins and operational capability beyond project planning. Therefore, I will present it as is, with the viewpoint that the plans are underway to physically integrate them with existing regional forces (domestic and foreign), but are short of actual in-field implementation approval and/or support prior to trip wire events over the next 60 days.
Descriptive name discussed, but unofficial until activation:
P.F.(NAME's ABBREVIATED FOR SOURCE SAKE) refers to the offensive plans to be used against those in the rural areas that will present the greatest resistance to active military or militarized police units in the event of martial law operations. Classified (B.B.) this would be the citizen militias or other organized armed groups either "good or bad" that are expected to emerge in the aftermath of a major domestic event, i.e. following the election or financial collapse. Selected FEMA camps separate from "civilian"resettlement camps would house, interrogate and deal with captured armed combatants. These camps would be staffed by Spetznaz or Asian troops specializing in interrogation techniques without equal. It was suggested that these camps are underground exclusively. (A.H.) describes the type of operation utilizing Native American people's grounds and resources similar to the active preps being made in the western South Dakota and eastern Wyoming region known by a resource in that area. B.H. is the term for very rural, previously abandoned, WWII vintage aerodromes or former private airstrips that now are used or where applicable can house advanced drones with aggressive weapons platforms.That is why, in my mind, so many are and will be deceived. There are no training courses available for understanding the origin, content and direction this is going to go except that which is found in the Bible, Godly visions by Godly people, and the strange meaning of the phrase---"as in the days of Noah...." TO GOD BE THE GLORY!

Oct 25, 2012

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