Brazil Indiana---Long story short a bank had less than 3500 in cash to hand out in an entire day.

My name is Grant, and I live in Brazil Indiana. Saturday the 30th of April, my grandmother and I went into a First Financial bank to withdraw 3500 in cash and we were told there was no money to loan out. We informed the desk clerk that we didn't want to take out a loan, we just simply want to withdraw money from my savings account. She then proceeded to tell me "sir there isn't that much money here for you to withdraw" After about 40 min of dealing with managers and what I call (hire ups) they finally said it'll be a little bit, but we'll have the money ready for you to pick up that next day. Knowing that next day was a Sunday I asked "how am I supposed to get cash on a Sunday? She then proceeded to tell me "sir you'll have to work with us in order for you get the whole 3500 in cash". I started to get upset and she could tell. I said "I'll be back in an hour and my money better be ready for me to pick up. She said "sir can't you use your card or write a check for what your intending to buy?" I told her no I want what's mine. Not 3 minutes after I left the bank I received a call saying there was all the cash I needed at Bank in South Terre Haute. Long story short a bank had less than 3500 in cash to hand out in an entire day. I was shocked. Thought you might want to know that we are in fact headed towards a cashless society. Thank you Steve for making the numbskulls aware of what the world and banking system is really like.

May 3, 2016

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