This is an emergency. Please ask your readers to pray for us. Take a look at this article linked below from my Linkedin Page & I posted of attempted night time break-ins & a 2 AM invader at our home after I became a whistleblower of Public Corruption in Ohio. My older brother is a Highly Decorated Disabled Vietnam Service Veteran of the Air Force & Strategic Air Command from 1968 to 1975. He has Kidney Cancer, severe Spinal Injuries & also Diabetes from exposure to Agent Orange. My brother Steven lives in my home with me. He took care of me as a kid & now it is my turn to protect him. I am his only caretaker & believe our lives are in serious jeopardy. A notorious Judge nationally known for the Kelley Williams-Bolar Case has violated every inch of the Constitution & our Civil Rights while maliciously trying to take our home.

On May 11th 2016 she filed an Order with the Sheriff to have us arrested on the spot & held without bond. Murders & Rapists here get bond, but not us. They held a Sheriff Sale on our home without notice to us & tampered with court records to the extreme after I filed Fraud Upon the Court. Read on & discover why I think this is all a ploy to Murder us at our home or hang me in jail. The filing attached there will verify their intent to make us disappear. It and many other filings were never sent to us. They apparently did not want us to know they were coming so they could seize evidence I have against them & perhaps create an event to use lethal force when they showed up with armed deputies & moving trucks supplied by the bank to take them to an undesignated warehouse under their control. Also take note the Judge insisted that we not be able to take a single personal possession with us. Doesn’t that sound like it would upset anyone with a pulse enough that they might resist opening up an opportunity to “Keep the Peace” as she stated in another filing of May 11th by putting us in the ground?

Because of the May 11th filings & my evidence against The State of Ohio I have good reason to believe these near break-ins were murder attempts. The 2 AM visitor I saw was just outside my front door. He was startled by me, turned his flashlight right in my face & was gone before I could get outside prepared to do whatever had to be done to protect my family. I am a Real Estate Broker previously licensed in Securities who stumbled over money laundering by Ohio of thousands of family homes. Judges intentionally failed to disclose their pensions were managed by the giant Bank of New York Mellon who controlled Countrywide, Bank of America & many more home lenders. Failure for a Judge to disclose such large Financial Conflicts of Interest to homeowners was a direct Violation of Due Process & Judicial Cannons of Ethics. I have written articles on this off/on for three years with nearly a million readers which really upset these officials. Then I got deeper into this & discovered it is likely bigger than Bernie Madoff. Oy Vey! I did not ask for this. If you have any connections please send them our way, especially from the Veteran Community.

BTW: I view your “Photo of the Day” every single day to remind myself of the beauty in this world our God created for us to enjoy.

Most sincerely,
Jerry Blake in Canton Ohio
Broker/President Blake Commercial Realty
Malone University Graduate in Children’s Ministries (1996)

May 19, 2016

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