Good morning Steve, I was at the Trump rally in Sacramento on Thursday. It was a nice event, nobody was talking “hate” as the protestors kept exclaiming, just a bunch of nice folks waiting in line and chatting as you can see below.

The protesters appeared to be homeless or people down on their luck and were most likely paid to stir things up, but the reporters fall for it and follow these small handfuls of protestors around like chicks following a mother hen and ignore and don’t talk to the regular folks in line.

Thank God there were a lot of police there to protect the people from the protestors that were continuously screaming at us in line that we were there to see and enjoy “hate". While I was in line, the group of protesters came toward us, and as the camera crews quickly scurried to follow the protestors a camera man tripped on the gravel about 6 feet in front of me. The protesters then started screaming at me that I had pushed the cameraman trying to incite a scene, I said nothing and the protestors kept screaming and accusing. The cameraman slowly got up and told the protestor that he tripped on his own, and then the protestors stopped accusing me, but they clearly were disappointed. It was very scary because it was clear they were looking for a fight. Thank God in my case they didn’t get violent, the cameraman was honest and the protestors didn’t attack me. The Lord had mercy on me and protected me.

These aren’t like any protestors I have seen in the past, these are agitators, these are thugs. They are promoting a dangerous false narrative…Trump isn’t spewing “hate” he is speaking the truth. These aren’t “immigrants” they are “illegals”, he didn’t say all Mexicans were rapists but “some” were. Trump speaks the truth if you actually listen to what he actually says. But most people get their info from the major networks and don’t listen to the actual speeches. These lies that agitators, activists and some media outlets are promoting are starting to stick and I predict it is going to more and more violent since it all appears to be intentional and someone is funding these protestors. The last picture is a row of police that were protecting us from the protestors as they were leaving and shopping for t-shirts…I never had seen anything like it.

A California Brother in Christ

Jun 3, 2016

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