It seems that the meteor landed or was seen heading over the same areas that the military is occupying right now for UWEX16 that might add to the story. It is interesting to note Obama's latest speech about American's lack of preparedness and the two jets going down..the president looked nervous which is very strange..he's normally obnoxiously over confident or disgruntled..now he looks nervous..you can tell a person's nervousness level by how they adjust their upper body, facial expressions, eyebrows, and eye movement, if all that plus a muttered speech happens..that person is showing signs of nervousness. Learned that from my old interagation days in Iraq..and other places.

July is now going to be a very tense month..

Read your latest alert about the meteor. I have two eye witnesses completely separate of one another who saw this meteor here in Roosevelt Utah. The first described it as a missle falling from the sky (gas station clerk) The second said they saw debris falling from it he said it looked like a "wing" breaking apart (oilfield hand). Thought you would like to know. It seemed seriously suspicious to me and somethings not right about it.

God Bless,

Jun 3, 2016

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