I'm making a warning to all parents. Pull your children out of public school before an attack happens, because it's coming. Keep your family in eye sight and keep your guns on you.

Reality Check

Please read this and consider the seriousness of the time we are in. In regards to the latest case of the littke girl in Idaho being raped by three muslim youths is so disgusting and vile that it makes my blood boil and reinforces my opinions on the matter of Obama's muslim "refugees". I am at a loss of words and at a loss in emotions. I can't keep quiet anymore about this. I pray for that family and the little girl who is only a year older than my oldest daughter. And what that attorney general said was such a controversial rhetoric of hate against Americans that she should be tried for treason. These government higher ups are proving that they do not care about the safety and we'll being of our citizens and our children. Something must be done to protect our children, our people and our natural way of life. And only WE THE PEOPLE can do that.

There are plenty of home school curriculums out there that are really great. My kids are home schooled and are very smart already for how young they are. Our kids safety is more important than anything else and public school does not offer any type of contingency plan that stops an armed assualt from terrorists. That should be obvious by now. You are a fool if you think this is just going to blow over, and your a damned fool at that if you believe what the government entities are telling you.

This is not just a call to arms but a call to keep our kids with in arms reach!

God bless everyone and please, stay in prayer and stay alert. FROM ACTIVE DUTY LEO AND VETERAN

Jun 25, 2016

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