UPDATE--In reference to your latest Alert on people being bused in to RNC-

Hi Steve, This is in response to your new Alert on thousands of people being bused in to the RNC in July. I was at my place of employment last week, which is a small local country store. A woman, who is a well known local author of children's books who is in her late 60's, came into the store with her sister all giddy. She leaned over the counter and said to my co-worker "guess where I am going for my vacation this year!" my co-worker threw out a couple guesses, then the woman said "no, I'm going to Cleveland to the RNC to cause trouble" (laughing) I was so disgusted that this person would even think to do this, never mind laugh about it like a school child. Then she asked my co-worker if we sold small flag lapel pins....so that she could wear one, that way no one would actually know which side she is on. Don't these people have anything better to do?...If we did that, we'd be called extremists...whoops, we already are!
I agree we need to be praying for Donald Trump and his family every day......evil is rampant. Thanks for all you do, we truly appreciate it!!! God help us....Sue

Jun 29, 2016

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