Warning from a reader.


Five years ago I bought a sailboat and began to prepare. I have sold everything and quit my job and have sailed into the Florida Keys upon direction from the Lord; Fasting, praying, and solitude. Today the Lord has given me a word and directed me to share it with you. I normally don't do things like this but I must be obedient.

The coming collapse on multiple levels

1. Money to become worthless They will print to save the euro. It will buy them one year.

2. Social break down. The shootings are just the beginning. It will get worse. The love of most has grown cold. When they are not able to get what they want, they will steal and rob. When they are not able to get what they need, they will become cannibals.

3. The Heavenlies. War has begun. Satan's time is short. He has let loose every wicked scheme he has. Demons have their orders: DESPAIR.

The living God is in charge. All who call upon His name will be hidden as a cloak over them. Demons will not see for His hand is upon us.

Faith. We must be in His will. We must be in the body. We must be in the place He has for us. Keep the faith. God will do what He has said in His word. Jesus will be glorified.


Aug 7, 2012

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