From my sister-in-law in Washington state. Without any lawful jurisdiction the feds are shutting down any health service that doesnt push drugs.

Our appointments today at our Naturopathic Doctor's office in GIg Harbor
were canceled this morning due to an emergency and they were closing the
clinic today. Mike stopped by on his way home from work to see what was
going on. Federal agents and Department of Homeland Security were going
through the patient files, etc. Mike was able to talk with Dr. Kolbo -
the agents had told the doctor they would be there for 30 minutes this
morning and as of 3:30pm they were still there. They were also removing
boxes and loading them into a large moving truck. It is a similar raid
like years ago at Dr. Jonathan Wright's Tahoma Clinic. Although, a bit
different as they have kept their guns in their holsters in this case.

Dr. Kolbo asked for prayers! He is a good man, who is very concerned for
the health of his patients. He has many healing options available for
people who find no options elsewhere. This clinic, with the doctors and
staff provide a place of healing, hope and joy! Thank you for your

Jul 2, 2016

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