RANDY CONWAY-Conspiracy theory, bias, racism, and islamophobia are all terms to hide the facts. *“In a time of universal deceit-telling the truth is a revolutionary act.”

Rolling Out The Red Carpet To Destruction

“A mind is a terrible thing to waste” and that is indeed a tragedy.
Innocence lost can never be regained and bears lifelong gravity.
This is a story of 3 little boys who had their innocence undermined
And a little girl who had hers stolen in an egregious and heinous crime.

While at play in what was believed the safety of her apartment complex,
Not in some far off land but in Idaho, USA, she is forced to reap the effects,
Of the folly of political correctness to make all believe that Islam is a religion of peace.
And at five years old she is attacked, her innocence ravaged by this religious beast.

Although the perpetrators were little boys the mastermind was a religious ideology,
Instilled in them at a tender age so they would cleave to its theology.
How could boys so young plan to commit such an evil deed?
I believe they too are victims, victims of the Islamic creed.

Now this little girl must live in constant fear along with her siblings, parents and neighbors.
How will she deal with this event as she grows? Will in her mind remain memory’s sabre,
Of the moment when she was robbed of safety, her childhood and innocence?
I hold that the greatest guilt belongs to those in Washington who are so insolent.

We have rolled out the red carpet with flowers and fanfare to destruction
There is no justice in the courts for they too have fallen to this seduction
To threaten our citizens and defend the infiltration of our communities,
And for political correctness they offer to any other all immunity.

Is Idaho an isolated event or is Idaho the Index Case for a coming epidemic
Of more Islamic nurturing of little boys to wreak on infidels hell’s endemic?
How much money changes hands to welcome falsely named refugees?
For 30 pieces of silver one can buy untold treachery.

If this little Idaho girl is the primary patient of this perverted pandemic
Your wives, your daughters and even your sons aren’t safe from the epidemic.
The pervasive attitude in this Nation is to quell the Gospel which is the vaccine
And our crumbling borders have destroyed the opportunity for quarantine.

Conspiracy theory, bias, racism, and islamophobia are all terms to hide the facts.
*“In a time of universal deceit-telling the truth is a revolutionary act.”
There are more victims than I have yet described in this unsightly tale
The remaining victims are the citizens of this country as we welcome the horseman pale.

I pray for those enslaved by the doctrine of Islam which is Jihad.
Jesus died for Muslims and desires to free from their bonds.
While we must recognize the need for prayer we must not forget
The followers of Islam accede to Sharia for Islam translated means submit.

If we continue to threaten the Word of God and the voice of reason with threats of arrest
Our children will be raped and our security stolen as common sense is suppressed.
The urine that was expelled upon a little girl’s innocent frame,
Will run through our streets mingled with our blood to America’s shame.

How many victims will suffer for how many years for a political goal?
The guilty, without repentance will ultimately be sentenced to Sheol.
Is your family safe? Have you sought your own repentance?
I would not face tomorrow without Jesus for the enemy is relentless.

The war is on and the battle may be coming to the place you live.
Pray for today’s victims and the peace that only Jesus gives.
Pray for the awakening of the people of this great land,
Pray there will be an end to vileness and a Godly flame is fanned.

Be watchful that you are not deceived by the enemy
He would have you face this battle without weaponry
Regardless of what may come tomorrow, “the weapons of our warfare are not carnal,
But mighty through God to the pulling down of strong holds,” and these weapons are eternal.

2Cor. 10:4
* Quotation generally attributed to George Orwell

By Randy Conway

Jul 8, 2016

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