I am so ashamed to be a law enforcement officer at this point. The Hunger Games State will be far worse than the police state we live in now. All we need now is a EMP.

I am so ashamed to be a law enforcement officer at this point. The Hunger Games State will be far worse than the police state we live in now. All we need now is a EMP. And I'm willing to bet that the elite have everything in their power, to turn the lights on at all FEMA CAMPS and not the cities. To take away our guns and our rights, and give us chains instead.

This is a systematic executive execution of dastardly schemes that have been written and rehearsed for at least 80 years now. The technology is finally advanced enough to deal with most dissatisfied patriots that would attempt to over throw such a tyrannical government. And the people have been officially divided against themselves. These bastards are throwing out all there tools now and we are allowing them to win. Racism is prevailing and it's tearing us apart!

But I do ask this question to all my loving patriots of this great country. Will we as the general public and all patriots and oath keepers, finally come together and stand up against this new world order fascist elite and take care of unfinished buisness? And muzzle these rabid dogs? Or will we continue to be their slaves?

Ladies and gentlemen we are at the tipping point. We have to choose, to run into the iceberg or change our course. We are in big trouble now. President Harry Truman once declared war on an enemy that threatened our vary way of life, and we went onto foreign lands, not to conquer but to kick ass, and we did. We must once again follow history and do the same again, we must go to war with yet another axis of evil. Only, this time the threat is our corrupt government and not a foreign enemy. The enemy is a lingering communist, socialist, fascist, leftist extremism that needs to be castrated in front of all, for all eyes to see.

What happened last night in Dallas, was the enemy's shot heard around the world. It's time to take our country back. Negotiations are over. This may have been our last celebration of our independence. You people have turned on your beloved peace keepers. You laugh at us, taunt us, stalk and hunt us, and now you willfully attack us, without fear. We will remind you once again why shiver and cower at our bark and we will remind you again why you fear our bite. Don't call me sheepdog, I will no longer protect your evil ways. You have turned us back into the wolves that you once tamed and controlled. No more. The wolves will run free again and will pursue the evil. And I personally do not care for arbitration nor do I care for the politicians who beleive in using kindness and love to fight evil. It's is more natural for me, to go for the throat.

This is not about what are we willing to do. This is about how far are we willing to go, to take our country back. I took an oath to protect this nation againsy all enemies foreign and domestic. I am standing on my feet, with my head up, gun at the ready, and in defiance of this evil that is in our midst. For the love of God and for the love of our country, our families, and for our vary way of life. Will you stand with me?

God Bless the USA and God Bless the Peace Makers. May the Lord Jesus be with you all.

Jul 8, 2016

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