A Declaration of War has been given from the elite. Our police officers are being murdered. Our Attorney General, various elected representatives, public figures, and our own President are guilty for inciting this nonsensical violence.

Let us take a look at our America this morning. The economy is on a shifty plate. Talks of exiting the union from several states. Rumors of civil war, coming from the recent civil unrest events.

A Declaration of War has been given from the elite. Our police officers are being murdered. Our Attorney General, various elected representatives, public figures, and our own President are guilty for inciting this nonsensical violence.

I have been asked numerous time, what do we do? What do you think might be the next move? How do we put an end to this?

I don't have all the answers, only God the Father does and may He protect and keep you all safe. But these are my thoughts on the matter.

What do we do- Well what can YOU do? Besides love thy neighbor and keep God's commandments, there is nothing you can do stop what is unfolding before our eyes. These heinous acts are being committed by people who are currently "untouchable". In a moments notice these untouchables can jump on their luxury boats, planes and helicopters and flee the madness. But do not despair, for no one is out of God's mighty reach. But what you can do, is get prepared NOW BEFORE IT'S TOOL LATE. Get your house in order. Go buy as much food and water as possible. If you can't afford a fancy firearm, then go to the mom and pop trade shops and purchase a cheap old 12g shotgun, then buy buckshot shells. This is for self defense and hunting only, I'm not saying go vigilante, not yet. If you are well off, help your loved ones and neighbors aquire goods and arms, they can pay you back later, consider it an investment. But help each other at all costs, please. You need to be ready for the next phases that I'm going to breifly describe.

What do I think will happen next- Right now, there is an air of war harboring in the major ghettos of this nation. People are breathing in this deceit and taking the calls to war serious. Serious enough that people have declared war on the police. As an officer, let me tell you this, I can be your best friend or your worst enemy, you decide that not me. If more of this violence continues and more cops and innocent people die, a state of emergency will be declared. Small issues of martial law maybe declared in certain metropolitan areas where poverty rules the roads. We may see national guard or even active duty military be called in and guess whose side they will be on? The police officers side. And when the military stops taking orders from on high and they start to rebel against the political elite; a new army will need to be made. An army that is "just as big, and just as powerful" as our own military. An army made of ignorant wretches and ungodly minds. An army that is currently trying to kill the police and lives on everywhere word our President says. These social dissidents will be made into the volunteer UN force that we have all talked about for so long. It does not make since for NATO and the UN to send millions over here to fight against the patriots when they are already here. Only the military leaders will be sent, to lead the armies of Obama. But the weapons are here, the vehicles are here, the money is there to fund it all and most importantly the people are well onto their way to signing up for what i call the
"UN Volunteers Draft".
Now I know many of my fellow veterans will laugh at this, but their numbers alone will be staggering. It will be the civilian army Obama has always wanted. And we will see some form of war in this land, be it civil war or another world war. Be ready it's here.

How do we put an end to this- We don't, God does. That means, no peace will be made until the Anti Christ calls for it, but there must be much war before, for this to happen. So yes, that means war is surely coming. The beast system is ready to be used, it just needs a good catastrophic scenario first. Imagine the chaos, the "big one" hits California on a 9.0 magnitude or higher and instantly thousands, tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, will die. A category 5 hurricane hits the East Coast. Wild fires on the west coast and central plains are unstoppable because emergency services are deployed elsewhere. A bio hazard hits the majority of highly populated cities. Gangs are literally running free and their numbers are growing as is their ruthlessness. Food is no longer easily available. Your money doesn't buy you anything. You've ran out of gas and the only way to fill up a few gallons is by bartering your most beloved things or people. Rape will become currency. You want food, water, clothes, medicine? You may be forced to sell yourself for Tylenol. Are you prepared? A total breakdown is coming ladies and gentlemen. No one will be ready for it, but you can be prepared for it. The news headlines are telling the main attributes of this story. Take a look at Venezuela and research it and you will understand what is coming. NATO forces are preparing for war with Russia and it's allies, don't forget that we are apart of NATO. We can not end the violence and carnage in our streets and we won't stand together as one people and take the elite down. So what do we do to put an end to this? You dont, God does, but the leg work is ours. We must be prepared to do what must be done to survive. One tablespoon of olive oil has enough calories to keep you moderatley going for an hour or two.

This madness isn't over. And I'm not trying to be doomsday, all hell is breaking loose run for the hills guy. Yes there is good news, Jesus will come back for us, and He wins in the end. But you better be prepared to make through the actual hard times. To be a Christian means to be strong in faith, body, mind and spirit, and to be steadily prepared for the long hard road ahead. Where are you lacking?

Any thoughts and concerns about prepping or survival stuff, just e-mail Steve and I will answer them as best as I can. But I will not sugar coat anything. If you have a concern, just ask your question and label it for the "Reality Check" guy and I will answer, and I gladly ask that everyone answer all questions that are being asked... everyone participate. We are in this together. I don't limit this just to me, we can all throw our thoughts into these questions.

Thanks and God bless you all, please stay safe, avoid dangerous places, and carry a weapon. Jesus said to sell your cloak and buy a sword. I would consider the King's teachings if I were you.

Jul 10, 2016

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