These will be trying times for ALL OF US! GOD's people need to stay calm and stay out of harms way. Do not go looking for a fight because anything you do could VERY EASILY become part of the evening news


I have been reading your Q Alerts from the last few days and the LORD prompted me to email you and tell you that things are going to get worse before they get better. But, what some people will become confused by is that the tensions will escalate and deescalate, going up and down for a while. What is very important is that GOD's people do NOT panic and think that all is immediately lost when they see major protesting. (Everyone needs to remain calm and do NOT overreact!) Protests will come and go. Things will go up and down for a while, but what will seem isolated and seem to be the new normal for certain areas, and seem like some people are protesting for the sake of protesting, what GOD's people need to know is that things are indeed collapsing! But, again, for some, it will get a little confusing as things do not escalate to full on civil unrest every time protests happen. The protests will come and go in the media and will again seem as if people are just letting off some steam, but in fact, under the surface, things are getting much much worse!

What I am going to say here will not sit well with some of your readers. To the white community it will seem as if its just another angry group of people protesting and will fade away when things calm down. Most white people do not live in minority neighborhoods or in towns or cities with large minority communities. Because of this, most white people are clueless and will not see what is coming. All the minorities in the United States will start planning future events, mostly peaceful protests without the intention of escalating into anything serious, but for some small groups and individuals, it will be different. Nothing like terrorist bombing attacks carried out by groups like ISIS, but attacks by individuals and small groups as well as street gangs. GOD's people come in all races, shapes and sizes and everyone needs to know what is being said here. GOD is NOT , and I repeat, GOD is NOT taking the side of the white community. (What He is doing is WARNING everyone as all of this will effect everyone of all races!) Because most people do not know what truly is festering beneath, it will become a nightmare scenario for many. GOD's people of ALL races need to listen to the LORD's voice and instruction. The LORD will guide each and every person differently. Some will need to stay at home as much as possible, while others will be instructed to leave town, etc. etc.

Remember, things will continue to go up and down for a while and appear to many to be not that big of a deal as these protests will not be everywhere in the United States but in select cities. When it comes to the point that individuals decide they are going to act (we are beginning to see this now on a small scale), and you see this beginning to happen much more frequently with frightening regularity, this will be the beginning of major civil unrest. But, please understand this one major thing, civil war is not going to happen right now. What is going to happen here shortly is civil unrest that will begin to really separate the masses, even by race. PLEASE everyone, do not take this out of context! It is NOT meant to be insulting or bias. This is just to inform as to what is going to happen.

On the US/Mexico border in the near future tensions will also begin to rise and people living on the US/Mexico border will be caught up in their own protests and violence. Hispanics will begin to protest and there will be individual attacks against people, but mostly against whites. Anyone reading this and does not heed its warnings will later wish they had taken this more seriously! One very very very important note; everyone needs to be prepared but do NOT think its all out war against white people. IT'S NOT!! People are becoming VERY passionate right now and will be for a while. Remember the 1960s?! People will be very passionate right now and will take anything being said out of context so everyone needs to be fully aware of this and be very careful not to engage in political talk with ANYONE who does NOT share your same views regardless of race! We are also going to see major political separation as well. There will be a separation of the people and it will go right down the line of just about everything, race, political views, financial class, you pretty much name it, its going to happen. What is going to get GOD's people through all of this is one's faith in GOD and that the LORD takes care of His own! These will be trying times for ALL OF US! GOD's people need to stay calm and stay out of harms way. Do not go looking for a fight because anything you do could VERY EASILY become part of the evening news, especially if you are a white conservative Christian! So please please please listen and obey the LORD Jesus Christ! Please people, I beg you, do not go out of your homes when you know there is trouble near by. I don't care if your child is crying because you are out of milk or ice cream. If you step outside your home when you know you are supposed to stay inside, and something happens as a result, to you or your family, only you will be to blame for your ignorance!

If you are not born again in Jesus' name, you are not one of His people. You must repent and accept Jesus Christ as your LORD and personal Savior! Please, to those who are not saved, please for your sake, please become saved in Jesus' name! When you become saved then those around you will become inspired to do the same. Please, those who are not saved, please get down on your knees right now and confess your sins, confess you are a sinner and please ask Jesus Christ to come into your heart right now and say to Him, LORD Jesus, I come to you today as a sinner, I accept you as my LORD and personal Savior, and I repent of my sins, I believe that you died on the cross and shed your precious blood for my sins and arose three days later. Please come into my heart today and save me, I want to be born again in Your precious name! Amen.

Steve, I hope you will display this message on your site for all of the LORD's people to see.

God bless ALL our Christian brothers and sisters! God bless you brother, Steve

Your brother in Christ, Greg

Jul 13, 2016

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