Social Security is BROKE and We the American People will be Bailing It Out--NEW MANDATORY SAVINGS PLAN WILL BE ANOTHER ATTEMPT TO 'PICK YOUR POCKETS'-

Social Security is BROKE and We the American People will be Bailing It Out

In both houses of CONgress, there are bills designed to create another (third) government retirement plan besides Social Security and These insipid and creeping bills will create another avenue for the government to pick the pockets of Americans and their employers.

They are SAVE UP Act (Secure, Accessible, Valuable, Efficient Universal Pension Accounts Act) in the House and American Savings Account in the Senate. These two bills are the first steps to NATIONALIZING your retirement plans. They are creating a new tax to augment the lacking funds of social security (SSA). If you have a 401k, IRA, 403b, 457a or 401a your money is at risk of being moved into supporting the government debt binge and bail in SSA.

For decades’ congress and the executive branch have been writing IOUs to social security to close budget gaps but the well for debt is running dry as many foreign countries are selling our debt. Consequently, SSA will be bone dry in a decade. The era of bail ins is here. Don’t be surprised when you get a letter in the mail stating that your retirement accounts are mandated to hold 20% -50% of the balance in treasuries for “Your Protection” from those wicked Wall Street Bankers.

The time to act is NOW. There is a simple and fast way to get your money out of government hands and into your own hands with real assets with no tax implications. Call Ross Powell at Survival 401k at 844-650-5733 today to learn how and get started right now.

Jul 27, 2016

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