Hi Steve,
You recently had an article about a temple in India that had a door that had no hinges or bolts, that could only be opened by someone singing a mantra and then it would be opened. It reminded me of a story my sons told me about a man they knew when they lived in Colorado. You interviewed him some years ago on your show. His name was Robert three eagles, but on your program you only called him Robert. He is a native American that had found some giants in a cave that were in stasis in Utah. They looked like a king and queen, wearing head dresses that he drew pictures of and you may still have those pictures on your website.
My sons lived in Colorado for a time with some people who knew Robert and that is how they met him. He was a linguist who was in the military at some point in his life. I don't know if he was retired from there or not, but he could speak several different languages fluently and ancient Hebrew was one of them. He kept the feasts of the Lord.
They had told me of his stories of finding the giants, and how when he told the government about some of them, the government took them, so he stopped telling anyone where they were exactly. My sons had told me these things that Robert relayed to them before you interviewed him. Anyway, He told them that each Hebrew letter can be sung and when you sing them in a certain way it is called golums. Dr. Leonard Horowitz in one of his books, Healing Vibrations, I think it was, told about singing the Hebrew letters and when they were sung properly, in the correct tone, if you had a plate of sand in front of you the vibration of the tone that you sang, would form the Hebrew letter you were singing, in the sand. He even had a photo of doing this in his book.
Anyway, back to Robert. He told my sons this story. I believe it was the military (but after watching your documentary 'The Unholy See', I wonder if it wasn't the Vatican) that called him and asked him to help them with a project. He was flown to Egypt, to the great pyramid, Giza. They had found a door, like the one you described in your article, that had no hinges. I don't know, or he didn't relate how they knew that at a certain conjunction of the planet, and or stars being in alignment with that pyramid they could open the door by singing the golums. They obviously knew he could do this. The crew of several people stood in front of the door, that he related didn't look much like a door. No hinges or handles. They had a thirty minute window in which he had to sing the golums in perfect pitch, each letter of the Hebrew alphabet. He said he was nervous, and didn't get it right two times. They were pressuring him, and he prayed to Yahweh to be able to be calm and sing them correctly. He did get calm and sang them correctly, and lo and behold the door opened! With only five minutes to spare. They threw all their cameras and equipment in the door, and got in themselves and the door closed behind them. He said it was a massive library of the ancients. They took pictures and documented much. They were there for a while, a week maybemore. Then the window came again and in order to open the door and get out, he had to sing the golums again, only in reverse! From the last letter to the first. I thought that was interesting, actually the whole story. I had already read Dr. Horowitz' book and knew about singing the golums to form the letter in sand by the frequency of the letter being sung, so I thought at the time, maybe. After reading the article you had up, I am now sure that could be done. I always wondered how they knew to sing the Hebrew golums. He told my sons that at some time after this experience he was called again to open a hidden door in a pyramid in South America. He didn't say were, only that it was in South America, and that it worked there too. There was another library of the knowledge of the ancients in it also.
I don't know if you still have contact with him, but you might want to ask him about it. My husband and I just watched your dvd's. We will be passing them around our church group and sharing them. Wow! Excellent! I am so blessed with all the truth about the Vatican in the second dvd. I came out of that church over 40 years ago and I thank God for that! We are anxiously awaiting the next one in the series! Thank you so much for all you do. You are a blessing. I pray for you often and for your family and Timothy's also. May the Lord Jesus keep you all safe and under his wing. He is our only hope in these dark days. He is our light and life! God is sooo good! Bless you, Annette

Aug 1, 2016

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