I had something happen this morning that really ruined my hope for the US.
I was pushing a shopping cart across the parking lot of a Walmart in Benton
Harbor, MI. A black grand am came into the lot and sped up as it came at
me. It swerved at me and I of course ran with the cart as fast as I could.
The four young black men inside yelled at me called me pig, one squealed
and another yelled piggy in a blanket. I got back to my truck and they
parked a hundred yards away and all got out. They started yelling at me
and beckoned me towards them. I ignored them and instead got in my truck
while they called me chicken, clucked at me then ran inside the store. I
am not a cop, not even American, just my physically being there set them
off. I was one step away from being assaulted or dead. This is what white
people have to look forward to, what happens when the restraining hand is
Byron HERES MY LEO FRIENDS RESPONSE--Wow, this poor fella. In Baton Rouge, that is what my guys are experiencing when they were off duty, the random acts of hostility, the swerving and taunting by black men and women. That tells me that this an order that was put out to the militant blacks to harass all white people.

What do you think will happen when the restraining hand gets removed Steve?

What happens when cops say this is enough and don't show up for work for 3 days? That is the talk here and yet I urge the local, state, and federal officers to stand their ground and keep their oath to protect the people. I tell them that by not showing up to work for even just 3 days, you are putting millions at risk for more carnage. They tell me, "well mayb its time for a purge, like these kids all want and maybe we will all take off the badge and join in and purge the streets of the filth".

Then I get told excuse after excuse as to why they don't care anymore about protecting the people, they officers say "what about us?"
We see how the big clue, from the president, attorney general, director of DHS and others, the heads of our nation have sided with two evils, black militant supremacy and Islam....the hostile atmosphere is ready to implode at any moment and law enforcement officers are just a number to them. We are expendable assets and we have been expended.

If only the police in this nation understood that we are KNIGHTS NOT PAWNS; then this chess match would look very different. It is the police, that those who harbor evil are afraid of. We can make a change in this nation if we choose to do so.

We get alerts constantly about law enforcement being stalked, taunted, harassed, assualted, robbed, tortured, and murdered. Everyday it seems there is new report. We too have families who are afraid to go outside and play or go do regular chores. We are forced to live a very different life now. So I ask, " Is this the kind of life that we who are sworn to protect must lead?" Do we have to be so paranoid that we can no longer enjoy our selves both at work and at home?

I'm afraid to give an honest answer to the proposed question "what happens when the restraining hand gets removed?", but my answer would be.. "It will sound like the civil war the elite have always wanted and now so do we".

Aug 1, 2016

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