Steve, there's other companies besides Wells Fargo that are starting to drop 2nd amendment friendly business.

Thanks for your hard work Steve;

I read the article posted about Wells Fargo not doing business with Hogue, sadly I wasn't surprised.
I own a survival store/gun range here in MID WEST
We've been through the same thing with Wells Fargo.
We were also dropped by Square, our credit card vendor because they don't support the sale of firearms.
Paypal also frowns upon firearm sales.
We were also approved for a line of credit with lending tree, then dropped after they found out we sell firearms.
We were also turned away for advertising by;
Carmike Cinemas
Facebook. No surprise, they will not allow us to advertise or even boost our own posts. In their own words they have a 0 tolerance policy for allowing businesses which promote the sell of firearms to advertise or boost posts. However, when my wife reports a picture of a half naked woman they respond thanking her for concern but explaining that particular style of nudity does not violate their terms or conditions.

No surprise.

Selling firearms and ammo is not a profitable business as is, but it's getting worse.
The rumors about Obama's EO forcing gunsmiths to register as manufacturers is true. They are making it illegal for a gunsmith or store owner to even put a scope on a gun for a customer. We are required to register with the state department, ITARR, the branch responsible for exports, even though we are NOT exporting.
That's $2500 a year on top of the fees that already go to NFA/ATF.

They are trying, and succeeding, to make it too hard and too expensive to deal in guns and ammunition.

Anyways, just an inside look at the life of a gun store owner; I know you face similar struggles in a elitist owned media system. Appreciated all the struggles you go through just to get your voice heard and speak out for God, who we know will see all of us through.

Fight the good fight!

Aug 2, 2016

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