Hi Steve,
I have never written to you before, but the Lord has prompted me to do so. I have an unease I'm unable to shake since a recent encounter in the Sierra Nevadas of Northern California, near the Rubicon Trail. I live up here and had taken my dogs for a swim at a local lake called Stumpy Meadows. I was the only one there until a large group came with military age men, women, and children. They were quite a ways down the beach but two of the men walked down towards me a short time later. They has a posture of assessing my threat level. They said they were camping nearby and were from Nepal, though they did not look to be be that ethnicity. They looked more like they were from Afghanistan or Iraq. The one that was clearly in charge wore a dress blazer even though they were camping and at a beach on a warm day. When I asked about this, he said he had just met with an elder who was visiting. Even though they tried to act friendly there was no warmth in their eyes. When I pointed to trees across the lake and mentioned there had been a bad forest fire a few years ago, they seemed completely uninterested. When I went to leave later, I found them deep in conversation on a log, right behind my truck. They had the whole forest to find a place to sit but chose to sit there. They completely ignored me and made no eye contact. I drove through the campground across the road and it had been completely taken over by their group. Must have been 40-50 of them. I had a strange foreboding in my spirit. Time is short indeed. Thank you for all you do. May the blood of The Lamb cover and protect you.
God Bless, H.:--- FROM LEO FRIEND-She's lucky there were no incidents with them. These people are moving in everyday and everywhere. I hope Trump turns on the deportation powers again before these terrorist build up nests in every nook of the country.

Aug 9, 2016

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