Hey, Steve. Thought you might find this interesting. In church this past
Sunday, I talked to a friend who attended the Iowa State Fair last week.
He told that he went by the Presidential "voting booth" whereby fair-goers
pick up a kernel of corn and simply drop it in the jar of their candidate
of choice and this is one of Iowa's unofficial polls to give the public an
unofficial estimate of the presidential race. Most people cast their
kernel vote and move on to other sights of the fair, of course. Well, my
friend said that he cast his vote and then went and stood at a distance
from the booth but was observing things just out of curiosity. he told me
that those running the booth kept the Hillary jar about 3/4 full of corn at
all times. he said that when the Trump jar got to about 1/3 full that they
would dump out those kernels and start Trump's jar all over again. At
first, he wasn't sure what was going on or why they did that. After seeing
this happen a couple of times, he finally got angry enough that he walked
back up to the booth and confronted the people as to why they were doing
that. he said they stammered around for an answer but then pointed to the
white board behind them and said they were keeping the "real" tally there
and it showed Trump ahead 54-46 or thereabouts. My take is that the race
is not even that close and they are doing everything they can think of to
discourage people from voting for Trump and putting out false polling
numbers everywhere to try to convince people that Hillary is even in the
ballpark. Anyway, one more bit of anecdotal evidence that we are being
gamed. Keep up the good work, Steve. Peace and safety to you and your

Aug 24, 2016

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