I was a former pagan of Odinism the worship of Nordic Gods. I was ungodly in all matters. I lived a sinners life and had no care for the consequences that it brought. My dear wife had been trying to convert me to Christianity for at least 5 years and I reluctantly denied her request. One night while my wife, my daughters and I were driving back home from the grocery store my oldest daughter who was 3 years old at the time, asked me "Daddy why are you going to hell"? A flurry of pain and grief struck me as I thought back on all the hellish things I have done in my life. My wife saw my torment and turned and told our daughter to not talk like that to her daddy.

My wife could see that I was physically upset by this. Again a flurry of emotions that I have rarely felt. I was overwhelmed by grief and I was scared for the first time, I was scared. My daughter then told me " Daddy you know we have a choice, we all have a choice". I broke down crying because I was struck by God and he used my own sweet baby girl as the lighting bolt. I felt pain and humiliation for knowing of God and dismissing His love for me. I understand now as a Father who loves his children, what was being asked of me. My Father asked his rebellious son to please come back to him, turn from my wicked ways and repent.

That weekend I gave my life to Jesus and I will never turn back on Him. After I surrendered myself to God I was given a vision of the future and of Obama. I had dreams of Jesus, and of the end times. I saw giants in the darkness and demons in the shadows. I was shown war and fire in the sky. I was shown civil war and famine. I was fully opened to every thing spiritually and to even the extent of my death. But I was not afraid because I had God with me and I knew finally, I was on His side. God took away my fears of pain and death, and gave me a mission. Protect His sheep. God showed me that a war of the unnatural and supernatural was coming and that I was to be apart of it. God showed me a vision of me fighting beside my son and after weeks of prayer, last month God gave my wife and I our son.

I was extremely strong and fast and competed in powerlifting and strongman competitions. I took various martial arts, fought in mma fights, jumped out of helicopters, went to war three times, rode bulls, caught alligators, swam with sharks, and now hunt for terrorist. I was a pretty mean guy and I didn't take any crap from anyone. I was a jerk and arrogant and I loved it. I loved seeing that look of fear in someone's eyes. I was the wolf that stalked the sheep.

One of my old favorite sayings used to be "first mistake, I am not a sheep". I was so engulfed in pride that I could have given the devil a run for his money. I thought I was a really bad dude until God used a three year old girl to bring my down to my knees.
All of my ego came crashing down when my little girl asked me not if but why am I going to hell? God showed me how weak I really was without him. Now, I literally walk through the valley of the shadow of death and I fear no evil because thou art with me!

I know now that its not about me and what I want. Its about God and what he wants me to do and I have been so blessed ever since. I feel more powerful because I have the Holy Ghost in me, who gives me strength and now I use the name of God for good and not for slander. I have seen miracles. I have witnessed to strangers and I have seem God move through tough people and its magical to watch.

I would rather lead a dozen men of God, warriors for God, back into Iraq and wipe out ISIS, more than I would a godless army with all of its technological weapons. Faith in God is more powerful than any tungsten missile and more reliable than a cruise missile.

If you are on the fence about God, then I dare you to test your limits and fast and pray to Him. Forget your false gods and this world's spell that it has cast upon you. Give yourself to Jesus and let him heal you. Seek his face because trust me, God is waiting on you. No matter how bad you think you are God will forgive you and Jesus loves you.

I never understood love until God told me that he loved me.
I never understood forgiveness until God forgave me.
I never understood sacrifice until I heard what Jesus went through on the cross.
I never understood strength until I saw what God can do through me.
I never had any real plans for my life until God gave me direction.
God was everything that was missing in my life. Will you let God into your life?

I would like to now thank God for my family. My oldest daughter my youngest daughter and my son. Thank you God for my children. Thank you God for my wife who has been with and stayed with me through all of my journeys, she is my guardian angel.

And Lord, thank you for my friends and mighty brothers in Christ, Steve, Doug, Joe, Tom, Tim, Gary and David. Thank you God for everyday you have given back to me and for everyday you have given me with my family and friends. My military bio is I was with the 3rd Battalion 3rd Marines as an 0311 from 2006 to 2010. I was a Corporal and took on the rolls from rifleman, machine gunner, team leader, squad leader and the occasional platoon sergeant. I was deployed to Iraq twice during 2007 to 2008 in Fallujah and again in 2009 to Ramadii. SQ-I KNOW THIS MAN PERSONALLY AND WOW TALK ABOUT WARRIOR-A-REAL MAN’S MAN WHO IS NOT ASHAMED OF JESUS -HE LOVES JESUS AND IS NO WIMP!

Aug 29, 2016

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