I will now address the military. Why have you not acted? When we were pulled out from helping our boys in Libya, why didn't we say to hell with them and save our fellow brothers? Why are we training questionable "allies" our confidential and secret tactics for war? Why have you not stood up against our President Barrack Obama for taking God and the Bible out of the military? Why have you turned your backs on God? Will you so willingly turn your backs on your people if given the order to? God forbid, I pray that you would not.

Sadly I am aware of thousands of you traitors that would turn your backs on our people and you know them too. You drink with them, you break bread with them. You will be faced with a decision one day and I hope you make the right one.

If you are a military leader, Enlisted Non Commissioned Officer, Staff NCO, Officer, or Warrant Officer please read this and think about our future operations. Do you not find it strange that Officers other leaders are being forced out before the end of their enlistment or to an early retirement?

Have you been in the meetings with the Battalion Commanders or Regimental Commanders about conducting training excerpts that would involve the disarming of the US citizens? How about training for the suppression of civil disobedience, during those talks did you hear the words "martial law" being used?My brothers becareful what side you chose.

Please come to God and ask for his forgiveness. Then stand up in those meetings and say you will not comply with these orders. Remember your oaths. Don't be intimidated by rank and ribbons, stand up for the people you protect and stand up for God. Put the cross back in the chapel and pray before your training and deployments. Bind up those who try to judge you and expose their sins.

If you are aware of such training that involves the disarming of our people that involves any foreign nation to include the United Nations, then you need to come out and spread that intelligence. That is patriotism. Tell us what is happening in your bases and your area of operations. Trust in your people that will protect you and shelter you. To hell with the loyalties to politicians and their promises of famous careers. If you chose the political elite over "we the people" then you are a traitor and you are committing treason.

My brothers remember your families and your homes and the people you protect! What happens when you get an unlawful order that breaks all bounds of trust and morality? Where do you draw the line!

If you are troubled by this the pray to God for discernment and direction. If you have a heaviness in your heart because of what our government is doing, that is sin! It weighs heavy on your heart! Go to God and pray to him for understanding! Be a real man and turn your trust to God!

How can we trust a godless military? We cant. And your leaders are the heathens who turned our military and our country godless. Brothers if you are praying then keep praying. Lay hands on each other and stay in the word of God. If you are not careful and yiu openly and willingly deny God, he will pull back his protection from all of you. If you have a leader who is suppressing the word of God then get him out of his command and ignore all of his orders. Jesus saves us not our military might.

Where are you going to draw the line? If we are attacked, what will you do? Will you turn on your people and betray them or will you turn on the commanding officer who is ordering you to disarm our people? If your turn on our people and turn your backs to God then you will be judge by God. His protection is with his people not with a country or a military.

Aug 30, 2016

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