Byrd didnt share everything, according to my father as he he didn't think at the
time of sharing that people could handle it.
My father did tell me what he saw and he was there, he didnt say much more
afterwards as Ive mentioned before, he died in Tucson Veterans hospital, Im the
one who told you about the coconuts, palm trees frozen in the in Ice. I did listen to John
Moore some time ago as I had MP3 sent to me. What john said is true about
the mammoth frozen in the ice but i'm not sure if he mentioned the PEOPLE frozen in the ICE but I think there
were more than the ones that were there in the field. All that you have spoken about the Antarctic is true--My father stated that all you talked about was true that you have in your archives

..I want to add to the mentioning you first put on your site along
time ago about what my father mentioned, as he spoke to researchers many times in
Madison tennessee about Noah's Ark- you wouldnt know it but famous ones live
there,Noah's Ark is real and the Pentagon has photographs of it along with the people that
knew Byrd took pictures of it also. My father saw it. I believe my
father's interest with researchers was about the palm tree in the ice and how they
came to be there-- my dad believed a polar shift had occurred...... again please
note as to past when I mentioned we didnt have computers and it was long before
it came about that he knew the things Im telling you know,,, reason Im
telling you this is that God is real,Jesus christ is real and Noah's ark is
real evidence is there and Noah's Ark proves that we are in the end of Daniels
Time line. Randall S

Nov 5, 2012

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