He Will Wipe Every Tear From Their Eyes

Last night as I lay sleeping I had a troubling dream
In the morning when I awoke I relived every scene.
I dreamt that I was in heaven and saw children as far as the eye could see
Babes in every direction completely surrounding me.

They were everyone weeping, crying sorrowful streaming tears
Suddenly in the midst of this crowd a heavenly being appeared.
He called out to the children as at his presence they all drew near
He said, “Be patient little ones for He is almost here.”

I approached this magnificent creature to ask permission to inquire
“What has happened here, what tragedy has transpired?”
Stretching out his arms in a giant sweeping motion
He replied, “These are children never born, the victims of abortion.”

Again I risked to question and asked, “Why do they cry?”
He dropped his head and then answered with a sigh.
“They weep for a lifetime of losses that are poured out on them in a single moment.
The missed joys and pains, struggles and victories coming all at once are raw and potent.”

“But is this not heaven?” I asked, and I thought in heaven you weren’t supposed to cry.
“You are close child, but there are tears; the difference is Jesus will wipe every tear from every eye.”
Looking at this ocean of children I was overcome by the sheer magnitude of its size.
And deep within my spirit anger, sadness and confusion began to rise.

The angel pointed to a red headed freckled boy that looked a little roughish
He said, “This one was to have two sons that he would teach to hunt and fish.”
And indicating towards a little girl he spoke of a discovery she was supposed to make
All crying for a purpose on earth that will never be fulfilled and for breath they’ll never take.

I noticed some were sobbing violently; they seemed more hurt than some of the others
The angel pulled one close and said, “These are late term abortions and for 9 months they knew their mother.
But they never felt her arms around them and were never held to her breast
They knew her voice and anticipated - then suddenly from her they were wrest.”

I realized these millions of lives were more than single tragedies,
It is exponential when you start adding up the casualties.
The world has experienced casualties and losses of which it will never know
Life touching life, touching life, touching life that now can never grow.

I fell to my knees before the children praying that Jesus would get there soon
But in that same instant I suddenly awoke and found myself back in my room.
I know that He is comforting those who for Molech were taken before their time
And I fear for the coming judgement because we have tolerated this shameful heinous crime.

By Randy Conway

Sep 19, 2016

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