Hello Steve,

As I said, I would have time at the end of the day to sit down and write about my observations on the night of the 4th (SEPT.). I was operating Flt# (REDACTED )BOS to BWI (BRITISH WEST INDIES) on Tuesday night, At FL 280 approx. 50 miles north of Philadelphia I observed bright flashes above the aircraft and noticed the first officer looking out the right side of the cockpit, I asked what is that? He said it is the biggest, brightest meteor he had ever seen. I asked what color?What direction?Did it hit the ground?How far away?. His answer was greenish/yellow, southeast to north west,It might have hit the ground, and between 50 to 100 miles west of the aircraft. This corroborated your report on Coast to Coast AM.

When I left Chicago Midway on that same night for Boston the storm track for Mathew was showing tracking up the east coast, by the time I left Boston for Baltimore the storm track was showing turning east south of Cape Hatteras. After observing the meteor, we received an ACARS TP (turbulence plot) message for extreme vertical sheer approx. 100 behind aircraft. This is the first time I have seen vertical sheer warnings unless there were thunderstorms in the area and there were not. This I believe was the HP zone being formed to steer Mathew east of North Carolina.There was no chemtrail activity in that area or unusual lights that I saw other than the meteor. I am well aware of Geo Engineering activity and weather modification technology and have observed "Chemtrail" activity from the ground . I have not seen conclusively this activity from the air as traffic is vectored (steered) around this activity even though some weather and clouds are suspect. This HIGH PRESSURE zone, would have to have been created by space based technology being able to exert an energy wave downward to create a HP pressure zone. , this would have to be a vehicle such as the TR3B, TR4, or perhaps the X37B. My understanding of hurricane Mathew is that it was developed and steered for political purposes. I think Hillary is running short of cash so Haiti was struck, Mr. Obama appealed to Americans to send relief aid To Haiti which would go through the Clinton Foundation and stolen like the previous 97% of funds that were sent to Haiti after an earthquake. Also, I think Mr. Obama and his merry henchman planned on trashing the east coast as displaced people with no homes, no power and infrastructure don't vote. The areas that were going to be hit are predominantly conservative republican areas. I think someone or a group of politicians appealed to the Regime to just trash Florida, Georgia and South Carolina and see what happens. Then park the hurricane east of Florida and south of Cape Hatteras for future use if polling shows that it is necessary.

I had meant to call in to Coast to Coast Am but arrived at home 0230 AM ET and George Noory was just starting to take calls, this was beyond my ability to stay awake.

Keeping my powder dry, Bob

Oct 6, 2016

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