Hi Steve,
I've been here in Haiti since Saturday.
I've brought three aircraft and we are among only a few other groups that are attempting to prevent the starvation of tens of thousands. In one area, I'm the only plane bring docs, med supplies, water purification, patient evac for a population of tens of thousands.
You can't believe how bad it is on the western peninsula.
We loaded my caravan(AIRPLANE) yesterday with an old man who had gangrene legs, a little boy with the same and a very pregnant women in major distress. They were laying in the cargo area as there were no more seats left. We were overweight and I took off downhill with a tailwind and flew back to port Au prince.
There's almost no help here. Where's Mrs. Clinton with her billions for Haiti aid. SQ: PLEASE THOSE OF YOU BUSINESS MEN AND PRIVATE PARTIES WITH YOUR OWN AIRCRAFT PRAY ABOUT GETTING INVOLVED WITH YOUR AIRCRAFT AND DONATIONS BY FLYING SUPPLIES,MEDICINE,FOOD AND SHELTER INTO HAITI IMMEDIATELY-E- MAIL ME AND I WILL FORWARD YOUR RESPONSES IN REAL TIME TO GARY HEAVIN-Hey brother this alert is for those who have been following the Haiti disaster caused by Hurricane Matthew. The listed hurricane relief mission is currently being ran by a Christian based group organized by Gary and Diane Heavin.

Steve,From Man who was with Gary in Haiti -Till early this morning!

The most severe parts of the country that were affected so far as we can tell is the southern peninsula. To include towns starting from Jeremie and moving south to Dame Marie and further south to Les Cayes. These affected areas have lost 100% of their agriculture. Hundreds of homes have been destroyed. Thousands are without power, running water, medical aid, food and clean drinking water. 1000 approximate deaths have been estimated thus far. It has been a tremendous blow to these good people of Haiti.

The Heavin team ran missions out of the Port-au-Prince Air Port starting last saturday that included (and is currently ongoing) resupply efforts and humanitarian aid for the affected citizens of Dame Marie and nearest reachable areas.

Brother I haven't seen such destruction like this since Hurricane Katrina. This is Iraq level destruction. Hillary is know where in site and there is no sign of progression on the economical and humanitarian efforst from the "donations" that the Clintons provided. Reason why? Just do like me and ask a random Haitian. They will tell you that the Clintons robbed the people of much needed financial support and gave them ruined supplies of goods to include expired medicines. The Clintons shamelessly prospered off the destruction of Haiti.

So far there have been approximately 30,000lbs of goods that the Heavins have donated to the relief efforts so far. These donations include provisions of several dozen 50 lb buckets of survival food and water purification pumps. The buckets of food and water purifaction pumps were DONATED from the Jim Bakker Ministries at Morningside. Many thanks to Jim and Laurie and his crew for these life saving provisions. The buckets of food that were dontated are stocked with 90 days of food per bucket. Also to be used as a "food extender" the Heavins donated approximately 20,000lbs of beans and rice.

Many other miscellaneous provisions were purchased from Haitians and merchants in efforts to give back to the community and those who were so affected. Other provisions included very large tents for setting up base camps for HERO medical personnel and other uses for the residents of the Dame Marie areas. Various tools, 3 generators, hundreds of pounds of bottles of water, and much more goods were provided in the relief efforts.

As we flew over the affected areas in the southern peninsula to conduct field resupply to the medical staff, local citizens and medical evacuation from the Dame Marie air strip, I was privy to the obvious and utter destruction of the area.

There is nothing left in these severely affected areas that can sustain life. I would like to make a note that these humanitarian efforts were conducted by private citizens of both America and Haiti. All medical and security efforts, orginizational and managerial efforts, food and water resupply, and emergency transportation via fixed wing aircraft were conducted by private citizens of the Hero and Heavin groups whose sole purpose was to save and heal a forgotten nation. A Hatian nation that was forgotten and discarded by many other nations around the world, but not forgotten by the children of God.

Please donate what you can for these recovery efforts. The people of Haiti need our help and parts of this country are literally cut off from the world and are suffering. God bless all the people of Haiti and the men and women who are there trying to save it. I would like to give a big thanks to everyone in Haiti and the U.S. that is supporting the Heavin and Hero groups.

As a veteran, I would like to ask the leaders of the UN and US Military to get out from the rear and lead the charge in the humanitarian efforts. There is no excuse that for what I have seen thus far. There is no reason why a private group has supplied the most effort to a disaster zone, a group that has provided all provision with personal funding from their bank accounts.

Where is all the money for Haiti now Mrs. Clinton or have you spent it all?

I do extend my thanks to the U.S. AIRFORCE, U.S. ARMY, and my brothers from the USMC for all of there noted efforts. The people of Haiti can not wait for political approval anymore. Get out there and do your best, you can writes yourselves awards after its all done.

Special thanks to:
Gary and Diane Heavin, Jim and Laurie Bakker, His Excellency the honarable Ambassador of Swaziland Lewis Lucke, Dan, Al and Elliot for all your efforts in this tragedy. May God bless you all and keep his hand of protection over you all at all times.
They can donate to the Heavin foundation and send to 875 cr 324, Gatesville Texas 76528
-Doug T. Doug is the Security Director for the Heavins
He was directing all the security efforts on the ground in Haiti and had to leave. The Heavins have opted to stay for as long as they can. SQ: I KNOW DOUG PERSONALLY AND GARY AUTHORIZED ME TO PUT UP HIS FOUNDATION INFORMATION!

Oct 11, 2016

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