Dear Steve, This info is very important, and I would appreciate if you would share. Thanks, Gunny

"Dear Fellow Americans,
Let's share some FACTS as I see them on the "Syrian No Fly Zone" that
Hillary Clinton endorses as there are CRUCIAL POINTS being MISSED or

1) Vladimir Putin is NOT a "Dictator" as Hillary Clinton and the entire US
Corpo-Media portray him.
Putin is an ELECTED LEADER with massive popularity and support in Russia
and worldwide.(outside NATO/USA)
Putin is not "murdering" anyone. (Unlike Hillary whose friends and
associates have dropped like flies and total over 44 deaths "around her" so

2) Russia and Putin are ALLIES of a SOVEREIGN NATION called SYRIA whose
President was Democratically ELECTED as well.
Russia was INVITED by SYRIA to help get rid of SUNNI MUSLIM TERRORISTS.
There are NO "Moderate rebels", and the term "Syrian rebel" actually refers
to CIA funded, Sunni Muslim JIHADIST MERCENARIES (ISIS) mostly from Saudi
Arabia, that are fighting the SYRIAN ARMY to illegally oust Assad and
install a US/Saudi Arabia/SUNNI Muslim government in Syria.
This is a Regime and Religion Change in a SOVEREIGN NATION!

3) The USA has no business in Syria other than OIL and GAS for EUROPE!
Again for review, Syria and Iran are SHIA Muslim nations, whereas ISIS,
Saudi Arabia, UAE are SUNNI Muslim entities and this is ALL about Regime
Change, a Religious War AND a GAS PIPELINE from Qatar to the Mediterranean
Sea that "we" want to build THROUGH SYRIA, but Syria and Assad do not want
this pipeline.
Syria wants an Iranian Pipeline as Iran is their ALLY, not their
enemy......Sounds fair, Right?

4) The Elites in DC consider Syria as just another "Regime Change WAR for
Profit" like most regional wars have been for the last 70 years.
Granted, WAR FOR PROFIT has worked great for over 120 years for Standard
Oil, Ford, GM, GE, Boeing, Raytheon, Krupp, Daimler, The Pope, The Queen of
England and the entire Royal Family, The Clintons, The Bush Family, The
Duponts, George Soros, David Rockefeller, The Rothschild Family Banking
Conglomerates and MANY MORE ELITE FAMILIES and Corporations WORLDWIDE.
But not so great for America or Americans.
Or the REST of the WORLD for that matter!

5) The Problem NOW is... Russia is not Grenada of 1983, Putin understands
our Government's "Regime Change Game" very well since he studied US
doctrine as an Officer in the KGB.
THIS IS IMPORTANT - Since the USA suspended "Diplomatic Relations" with
Russia last week, and the Russians take this VERY SERIOUSLY.. (because in
Russia... either you are "AT PEACE" and have RELATIONS, or you are "AT WAR"
and DON'T).
So... The USA is in a "De-Facto State of War" with Russia right now and no
one has told us about it TRUTHFULLY, yet 40 Million Russians were on "Civil
Defense Exercises" all last week.
I guarantee you that the Russian Military and Civilian population are much
better equipped, prepared and ready for war than we are.

6) Lastly, As of 10/8/2016, It is now impossible for any US/NATO Military
Aircraft of ANY TYPE to fly in Syrian airspace without Russian permission
and authorization.
This is due to the massive deployment of the S300/S400 and other very
advanced and effective anti-aircraft systems over the last 6 months that
are now fully operational.
These systems are on the ground in Syria, in Port in Latakia, and offshore
on multiple missile cruisers, frigates and corvettes in the Mediterranean

**So...You have to ask yourself... Do YOU want to get NUKED for a gas
pipeline and rich, warmongering Elites? If Not, Please copy and Share this

Best Regards, Good Luck and Carry On,

Oct 11, 2016

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