There are so many issues on the table right now, its a little tough to begin to list them all. Nevertheless, the Shtfplan article posted yesterday about NROL drills being scheduled concurrent with the election has made the matter all the more present in conjunction with the widespread ddos attacks yesterday.

My daughter is out of state-in one of the nation's largest population centers-on a full ride athletic scholarship. While she is in the process of waking up (we've been talking about what's coming with her for years), she's still not quite ready to abandon the opportunities with which she was blessed.

That said, with the widespread ddos attacks yesterday she took some bold steps forward. News of the attacks made her fearful and on the phone she confessed that although she's always harbored a "yeah, yeah dad" level of doubt, she is starting to see that things may change for the much worse very quickly and with much greater ease than can sometimes be imagined.

Now we are at a crossroads. I explained to her that I don't know what day it all will come crashing down, but it is coming. Could be today, tomorrow, a week, a month, two months...but it IS coming-of that I am sure. Briefly, if she leaves school now she is at risk of "feeling a little stupid" if nothing happens in the short term. Opposite wise, if the delays coming home she may get caught in the storm. She might barely escape, or she might not make it at all.

Right now we're praying hard about the matter. I have advised her to come home now, but have stopped short of playing the "dad card". I am well aware that ultimately it may only be my command that brings her home.

At this point I have a sense that regardless of the outcome of the presidential election, we will see things come hard and fast. I believe that if she's home a week before Nov. 8. we should be in good stead. Past that it is all a huge gamble.

I realize I am not the only person in this boat. There are countless parents with children away at school, and countless others with loved ones in harm's way that may only be saved by one stern and authoritative command. As heads of households we must now be ready in a moment to play the "dad card" or "mom card". It might be a bit of key information that prompts the moment, or it may be that gut feeling/prompting of the Holy Spirit.

God give us the courage to issue "the command" when we know the moment is right.

BTW we watched "Amerigeddon" last night. It made its point quite clearly.

God Bless and thank you for all you do, Don

Oct 22, 2016

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