Hey Guys, Is there a Dollar General near you? They are going to have a 3 day sale starting on the 10 th Libby veggies are 3 for a $1, peas, green beans and corn they are kosher so the corn is GMO free. Also they have Progresso soup for a dollar a can, sales on dog food cat food, cleaners like Mean Green gallon size usually five bucks on sale for 3.50 that stuff works on anything and gets grease stains out of your clothes. They will be having fleece sweat shirts and pants 2 for 10 and their regular weekly sale like Maxwell house coffee 4.95 12 pk of coke 3 for 9 etc, peanut butter and the peanut butter jelly combo 1.50, that is always great to have high in protein they also sell 24 oz bags of rice for 85 cents, a cup and a half of rice cooked with a can of Progresso soup over in like lentils or split peas can feed 3 to 4 people in a pinch.,,,,Ya know when I see ads like this I wonder if some one is trying to help the people with eyes to see get prepared. I think this chain is owned by the Vanderbilt's if this is true isn't there some sick code where they have to give a warning of some sort...I heard that somewhere it could have been from you..Well these are great deals and if you know anyone that can't afford to spend a lot on extra food so if I only had 20 bucks to spend on extra food to store it would be a case of veggies $4, Peanut butter jelly combo 2 for $3, 6 cans of Progresso $6, Maxwell house coffee 30 oz can $4.95 and 2 bags of 24 oz rice at 85 cents each for a $1.70 ( I like buying the rice like this in smaller plastic bags there is less of a chance of it getting buggy) Total 19.65 not bad and if I had a few bucks to spare I would add a tin of cookies for 3 bucks and the store brand of saltines I think they are about 1.25 and salt for about 59 cents which would keep the total under 25 dollars...Just a thought for folks on a tight budget. I know I will be shopping there on the 10 th.. Stay well and safe my brothers and may GOD bless you for all you do........Joy

Nov 8, 2016

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