CONCERNING CHRIST CHURCHES LARGE EARTHQUAKES:Both times there has been significant US personnel meeting in the area before the quakes. John Kerry was just here.

Hi Steve, I live in New Zealand and as you know we have had some large
quakes recently. I just wanted to tell you that a number of people who I
have talked to including myself and my husband were suddenly very ill
before the large quake. We felt as if we were going to pass out or throw up
then the quake(s) started. I have been in many quakes here and overseas and
this was like nothing I have ever felt. What is interesting is the area hit
is near to Christchurch where the big quake hit in 2011. Following that
quake there has been construction to rebuild the city. Both times there has
been significant US personnel meeting in the area before the quakes. John
Kerry was just here. I feel that a earthquake weapon or something was used.
Many speculate there are underground tunnels for the elites to escape what
is coming in Christchurch (built after the quakes in 2011). The large quake
the other day would have caused damage to anything 'underground' in the
area. A US warship is now helping evacuate people in the area. Maybe a
message by another group was being sent to 'elites' that they know the
bunkers are there. I just wanted to share with you that we were all quite
sick before the quake and something is happening. Thank you for everything
you do. God Bless you. Tasha------
I can confirm to feeling quite sick around this earthquake, however for me i felt queezy today after the earthquake.

When it hit I myself did not see the flashing lights, but it rolled for around 2mins in length. We keep feeling earthquake after earthquake, down south it looks to be every 5 mins they are having these earthquakes from light to severe. There were 2 more severe ones today according to

My suspicion is all the possibilities combined. Fracking/haarp/planet x and john kerry being here. It is now known that John Kerry was here talking about the Israel Palestine issue with John Key our prime what details about it it has not been publicaly released. I will file a foa regarding this.

According to William Mount, in one of his latest youtube videos, he confirms there is an underground bunker/base in the area of the earthquake. He says the rothschilds use it alot. I wouldnt be suprised if the elite are preparing for something or destroying evidence.

Pray and keep all of G-d's people in your prayers.-Aaron,Wellington NZ

Nov 15, 2016

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