RANDY CONWAY:This is a call to those who claim His Name for revival for repentance and to pray The enemy hasn’t given up rather they are gearing up to escalate the fray.


Sound the Alarm yes Sound the Alarm
A Call to Arms yes a Call to Arms
For years the Watchmen have warned of things yet far away
Now the alarm is sounding for that which is upon us today.

Destruction upon destruction for the whole land is spoiled
The people have become foolish and in evil are embroiled.
O my soul the sound of trumpet the alarm of war
What vials have been opened; what from them will be poured?

Blow the trumpet in Zion and sound an alarm in My Holy Mountain
The works of the nations have been seen and the sins of the people counted.
Let the priests and the ministers of the Lord now weep
We did not keep His statutes and now the tares are more than the wheat.

Many believe we have now won a great battle and have folded their hands to sleep
But we have not as yet even entered into battle but beware the war upon us creeps.
America has but chosen a man for office and how he leads we are yet to see
And too many deluded by their bondage believe their chains make them free.

America has awakened briefly before, only to hit the Snooze and return to our sleep
Thinking there is peace and safety when there is no safety and there is no peace.
We have ignored the promise of blessing and curse for those that divide God’s land
America is leading the charge with 70 nations to implement their coveted two state-plan.

Now is the time to put on the raiment proper for the conflict
Time to put on the whole armor that Yahuah provided us with
Knowing the weapons of our warfare are not carnal or hidden in the shadows
But mighty through God to the pulling down of strongholds.

Strongholds that have been built for centuries
Ruled and protected by powers and principalities
Possessing many different modalities using multiple personalities
Commonalities, nationalities and political formalities to insure their finality.

That finality being known by many different names
But ignored by many and those who exposed it are shamed.
Called conspiracy theorist if you expose the New World Order
And while we sleep the enemy marches ever forward.

Some say we have received a reprieve at this moment
I say we have an opportunity and if we squander it we will lament.
For too long we have been found wanting when in the balance we were weighed
It is time to fold our hands, not to sleep but to fervently pray.

Many terrible things are ready to be released upon mankind
How you fair will depend upon with whom you are aligned.
In the midst of the darkness will burn Revival’s Fire
To seek a Great Awakening is that to which we must aspire.

The Fire will light the way for those who have called upon the Living God for sight
It will be a Refiner’s Fire but those unprepared and unrepentant will face an awful plight.
Those things the Watchmen warned about haven’t gone away
That is why the bells are ringing and the alarm goes out today.

This is a call to those who claim His Name for revival for repentance and to pray
The enemy hasn’t given up rather they are gearing up to escalate the fray.
Sound the Alarm yes Sound the Alarm
This is a Call to Arms, a Call to Arms.

The land before us has been like Eden the beautiful garden
But behind us it will be desolate if our hearts remain hardened.
We cannot claim that our hearts are not granite and hard as stone
When the unborn babes cry out from where their discarded bodies were thrown.

We cannot claim we are not stiff necked when Truth is trampled in our streets
We cannot claim our consciences are not seared when artists and leaders hold spirit feasts.
Destruction upon destruction is cried; for spoiled is the whole land
It is time for tearing down for building up and upon our knees to take our stand.

What blessings or what cursing lie before the people today?
Has not life or death been set before us as the Scriptures say?
Choose life that both thou and thy seed may live.
No greater warning, or opportunity, could Yahuah give.

Let him who has an ear hear and answer the Spirit’s call
The Principalities and Powers are inciting a terrible squall
It is time to Sound the Alarm yes Sound the Alarm
Do you hear the Call to Arms, the Call to Arms?

By Randy Conway
Jer. 4, Joel 2, Eph.6: 10-19, Deu. 30:19

Jan 13, 2017

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