We are in a Civil War. What will you do to defend freedom, to insure your children live free

If you love liberty, if you love freedom, it has fallen upon our generation to defend it.
We have remained silent to long, inactive in the face of tyranny, retreating every step of the way as we have allowed these maniacal traitors to forge our chains of slavery. We have seen them destroy our economy, ruin our education system, Involve us in wars without end, so they make profit. Our News Media has become a New World Order Puppet. Healthcare, now taken over by the government has been destroyed. Our borders have been left open, even to the extent of inviting our killers and captor to live and murder among us. The demands from our traitorous Congress to allow more of them in. If you have said anything in the face of this invasion you have been ridiculed and attacked, you have been called unloving and hateful. We have become an overweight, under-education, drug taking, mentally weak people. We have violated the very gift of Marriage given to us by our Loving Creator. We have murdered 60 million of our citizens through abortion.
All the while the Church has remained silent as well, many churches have joined the forces of evil and sided with Luciferian Doctrines, promoting this whore religion on unsuspecting sheep. We sit and watch hours of non-stop wickedness flow out of Hollywood. Most Christians today have no idea of the Bibles requirements upon their lives and how they should live. Their pastors have failed them. They have told millions of their flock to live an antinomian life,a life without the need of God's Law.
The Globalist, The Communist, Marxist, have had the last 50 years to infiltrate and subvert our Republic. It has been very effective. Even as Hitler wrote his" Mein Kampf" We have had them publish numerous articles and books by writers such as Saul Alinsky. We see career and criminal politicians such as Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama openly praise these tyrants and murderers. We have been told we have to compromise, to be diverse, to accept these evil men as scholars. We have sent our children to their institution, turning our own children against us.
Our Congress is filled with traitors, with at least 83 have known ties to Marxist Organizations, Our Judiciary is filled with people who do NOT uphold the Rule of Law, The use their position as Judges to legislate. Weekly we hear of their sexual and moral perversion.
It has fallen upon us to defend it, these leftist are going to bring this to a head. They will bring war to your our doorstep. If we do not take a stand now, freedoms light will be lost. A horror of unimaginable degree awaits us if these people cement their rule.
We are in a Civil War. What will you do to defend freedom, to insure your children live free? I am not recommending violence, violence is the tool evil men use, What I do say is to open your month and let God use it for His Glory and for the benefit of our People. Stand up and oppose these evil men with every fiber of your being.
BE COUNTED AMONG THE BRAVE, THOSE THAT WILL MAKE THE DIFFERENCE. Those that in their Nations hour of need will take a stand.
May God have mercy on our Republic.

Doomer Doug's blog on the state of the planet

Feb 11, 2017

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