The question will just not go away'What is under the ice'? To ignore the question comes at great price


We choose to turn our heads and avert our eyes
So it then should come as no surprise
That we will not be able to count the number of those who die
When that of which we were warned does arise.

It seems to frightful a thing to actually be true
But God has impressed upon a few
That those things that were once trapped only in myth
Are more than stories or tales from the crypt.

The question will just not go away”What is under the ice”?
To ignore the question comes at great price.
A dragon has left the ground and has taken flight,
There comes soon a supernatural fight.

We will see ubiquitous Gilgamesh, a coming evil hord
The battle is won not by might or power but “by My Spirit” says the Lord
You can chose to turn you head and cover your ears
You can claim I am but playing on your fears.

But the Word of God remains ever true
The Watchmen are numerous but the believers are few
What God has said is coming will come
The Watchman is commanded to warn he is not just beating his drum.

What is the preparation for things so unbelievable?
Only through the Living God is surviving achievable
“Yea though I walk through the valley of death I will fear no evil”
God waits to rescue you His redemption, salvation, protection, and provision
For today and tomorrow is still recievable.

Only His rod and His staff can comfort you in the face of giants
His shield and refuge is offered if with God you are in alliance.
You cannot stand in the face of evil alone and expect to survive
You must have the Living God who “clothes you with strength” at your side.

Turn your head and avert your eyes
Be counted among the multitude that dies
Or listen to what the Spirit says
And face the days that lie yet ahead.
By Randy Conway

Mar 10, 2017

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