Friedrich believes Hitler`s so-called 'Last Battalion' will spring into action with a worldwide economic collapse. Then the saucer Nazis will invade strategic military areas and rule the world.

National Examiner, January 26, 1988

UFO mystery solved!
They`re left over Nazis bent on establishing a bloody Fourth Reich

THE SOLUTION to the UFO mystery has been found at long last - the aliens are actually Nazis bent on establishing a bloody Fourth Reich!
And world governments have known about it all along, but they`re scared to death, says a leading researcher.
Nazi Germany had built a small fleet of UFO`s as early as 1940, according to Christof Friedrich, author of UFOs: Nazi Secret Weapon? (Samisdat, Toronto, Canada).
Friedrich claims that German UFO scientists escaped from their war-torn homeland as the Allied armies were closing in.
Writes Friedrich: "That some key scientists were obviously missing became clear, and though some plants and their installations were located, the staff with their machinery and prototypes had disappeared. Even the test pilots had vanished."
And Friedrich contends Hitler and his wife, Eva Braun, tricked the world into believing they committed suicide in a Berlin bunker during the last days of World War II.
Among the evidence Friedrich presents that Hitler is alive:
1) The bodies of Hitler and Braun were never produced.
2) The items introduced as evidence are only circumstantial - two of Hitler`s hats, one pair of panties with the initials EB, and a few bones.
3) The bloodstains found on the furniture in Hitler`s quarters in the bunker were not of his blood type.
4) The most important witnesses and the men closest to Hitler have never been found.
5) There are too many reports and sightings, eyewitness reports, and even evidence that the suicide attempts was a brilliantly successful, carefully staged scenario.

The researcher says Hitler and Braun were flown to Norway in one of the world`s first jets. The pair then boarded a submarine and were delivered to a secret base in South America.
Friedrich claims Hitler`s U-boat convoy engaged in a fierce battle with the British Navy and the Germans destroyed a British blockade with secret hightech weaponry.
Wrote Friedrich: "It would seem that the secret weapons, which Goebbels had spoken of in such glowing terms only a few days previous, were now put to use for the first time in an actual battle situation.
"The result was one sole survivor from a British destroyer and it was from this, the captain, that the words were uttered, 'May God help me, may I never again encounter such a force.' The report of the captain was carried in El Mercurio, a Santiago, Chile, newspaper.
Friedrich contends that Hitler`s secret agents used counterfeit US dollars and British pounds to finance the construction of secret military bases in South America and UFO bases in Antarctica.
"Hitler had planned far ahead and at long range," according to Friedrich. "Obviously guided by the possible occupation and subsequent loss of Germany itself, he had cast around for land still available for colonization and found that Antarctica was at that time, the only continent still unclaimed."
Added Friedrich: "The secret Nazi expeditionary force was headed by Captain Ritscher and took place in 1938-1939.
The force landed in the area of Queen Maud Land and established bases there. Over 11,000 photographs were taken for mapping purposes."
Incredibly, the researchers says the US and Soviet governments have known about the secret Nazi UFO bases for more than 40 years, but have covered up the truth because they do not know how to deal with it.
Friedrich claims Nazi spacecraft could have become sophisticated thanks to extraterrestrials who befriended the Nazis while they were hiding in Antarctica.
Writes the researcher: "Did Hitler`s scientists perform their miracle alone, unaided, or did flying saucer people, perhaps visitors from other galaxies give them a helping hand because they had mastered the new technology and consequently spoke the same or at least similar technological language?"
Friedrich believes Hitler`s so-called "Last Battalion" will spring into action with a worldwide economic collapse. Then the saucer Nazis will invade strategic military areas and rule the world.

- George Glidden

Mar 12, 2017

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