Antarctica and Hitler-Dr Nagel, who believed that Hitler was in Antartica and could have been cloned.

Steve, an old German Doctor, Dr. Nagel, told my sister and her (pastor) husband, before he died that Hitler never died in that bunker. Old Dr Nagel said that Hitler got on a submarine and left for Antartica and there he lived his life out- not in South America (where many of Hitlers High Ranking Military staff went). There are submarine "tunnels" or rivers under the ice that could take him close to the center of Antartica. Lastly, Antartica is not one large ICE-CUBE, as we are made to believe. You also need to look closer into the relationships that Germany, Japan and Israel has had for many years with the South African government. Recently Russia and China have been added to that trio. In South Africa they have many minerals that can be used for nuclear production. Just very recently a ship went from Saudi Arabia (where they picked up something) to Russia where they picked up more things, to Antarctica and then to South Africa. After that the ship left for South America. Why? The gentleman from The YouTube channel: Israeli News has a very interesting take on this. You should try and watch his channel on Antartica and fallen angels. He has different references than you, but TOGETHER his research and yours makes sense. Back to old Dr Nagel, who believed that Hitler was in Antartica and could have been cloned. I am now wondering if maybe his wife had children? Not from Hitler, but by some entity? Since I've listened to your YouTube...... Old Dr Nagel passed about 5 or 7 yrs ago. He lived his final years in Cape Town South Africa. That was where he got to know my sister. I have never shared Dr Nagel's story, since I never believed it before. I'm a mother of four who was on the PTA and have lived in the States now for 20 years. My husband is a scientist, my one daughter is an also my son is a specialist and my other two daughters are one an actress and one a medical worker I used to be a pre-school teacher. I ran into your site and YouTube by accident. Both my names--Yes, both are German/ Austrian and Danish of origin. I am a proud naturalized USA Citizen. If you doubt the contents of this e- mail, check out the writings of Brian Dunning on Skeptoid. He seems to know that Hitler lived his last days in Antartica.
The above were told to me as the truth. After listening to you on YouTube, I agree the world governments knew that Hitler was in Antarctica. l enjoy reading up on conspiracies, and I usually view them as such. I am very concerned that History Channel and others are selling their ridiculous ideas to people that our Almighty God is an Alien. I think that it is their plan to deceive the elect and we should pray against their evil agenda. I'm telling you all of this, so you do not think I'm just some nut job. As you can see I am a pretty average USA citizen.
Remember the truth will be shouted from the roof tops. Keep up the research and good work.

Mar 21, 2017

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