There will be blood.

The financial markets are currently in a whirlwind, with the recent LIBOR scandal, the continued stimulus and bailouts, the Euro collapse, the central banks and the TBTF (Too Big To Fails) are now left with the final solution. The Fed will do a "officially" begin QE3, the fancy way of saying that they will begin to print money in order to "stimulate" the economy. The only thing that the Fed will stimulate will be more profits for wall street fat cats and continued nose dive of the US economy, the last domino that is needed to fall, in order to fulfill the globalist satanic dreams. Now with QE3, rockets have been added to the nose dive, we are approaching terminal velocity of a hard and nasty crash.

Since the tremor of 2008 and I do mean tremor not "CRASH", which is what we ARE headed to. The Fed has been stuck on near 0% and now 0% interest. This does nothing to help the average American, in fact it does more to impoverish him. This is simply another means to enrich my old cohorts, the Banksters. Now follow closely to what I am about to say. The Fed CAN NOT move off 0% interest, they are perpetually stuck, in other words this is the equivalent of a car engine being revved to redline until the motor is blown and the innards have melted. Total Detonation. One of the pressing concerns that many have asked me through this web site is if and when will a metals beatdown or massive price suppression be? I will now go out on a limb and show you how. Follow very close to what I am about to say:

In the light of the economic mess, the details of which if I began to write would be too voluminous for this alert. Metal suppression will begin shortly, some would say, "Gold just closed above $1600 and Silver $27, where is the suppression?" Don't worry, it is coming. You see in order for QE to work YOU NEED METALS SUPPRESSION!!! QE can not work without suppressing the metals market, it goes hand in hand. Rising metals prices are detrimental to QE and the long term goals of the Fed and JPM.

In the coming weeks look for a temporary RISE before the manipulation kicks into overdrive and the FALL of gold and silver prices right after. I am still calling for gold in the $1400-$1500 range and Silver dipping to $24-$25. After which anything can happen. I am a economics professional, my forecasts can change depending on global events thus if a war is set into motion within the next few months, all bets are off.

Now that being said. see these continued warnings, Why have some you done nothing? I have told you to empty your accounts and keep what is necessary for day to day expenses, you should continue to buy gold and silver irrespective of price for this is your only store of wealth. Please do not delay the time is short.

Aug 1, 2012

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