In Iraq there is a very well known group of little strange people. Many veterans of Iraq will know exactly what im talking about. The people I'm mentioning are very short between 3 foot and 5 foot tall. They appear to from some type of " very small people' persons that suffer from dwarfism while others are just very short in stature. Most of these person's have a similar trait that you can't miss. Their skulls appear to be shaped like footballs which is a medical condition known as "sagittal craniosynostosis". This is a rare condition that is treatable but it is estimated to be happening in "1 out of every 2000 live births."

Here's my issue, the shape of the heads didn't always match the images of the conditions for "sagittal craniosynostosis". During this condition the forward and rear of the head are grown outward which creates this oblong shape or "football" shape. However many whom I saw and others saw, looked different. Their heads seemed to grow outward from the sides. Imagine this, hold a football by both ends in your hands, no put some eyes and nose, mouth and ears on it and you get the picture.

These people were always in their own little isolated areas and we're not treated very well by the other Iraqis. The little people were normally aggressive, not hostile, but not pleasant to be around. I could never understand what they were saying and I spoke the language good enough to talk to the old Hajis and children.

We have seen them in mainly the Al Anbar Providence like Falluja, Kharma, Hallapsa, Hadeetha, Ramadi and Biop and so on.

Now many claim that this condition for their height and their odd shaped skulls is due to a numerous amount of reasons ranging from: Radiation, poor health of the parents, mass incest and other reasons. I don't know what caused those unfortunate conditions but it is interesting to note that wherever giant humanoid bones have been discovered there appears to be a portion of little people close by.
The government hides and covers up many, many dirty jobs and extravagant findings. Not always for nefarious reasons but it is good to note, when we invaded Iraq we sent a forces straight to the museums. Why? We had no Intel on these areas as being weapons depots or being command and control bunkers, so why the raids? Where is Harrison Ford to explain this when we need him. Alas, our military was there and we took very valuable "things".

You know, I have heard plenty of stories of strange and paranormal things coming out of Iraq but stubbornly, the military kills all of these rumors before they can get out. Hell I got some good stories of my own but we don't like people, primally the media, knowing anything about what we are doing. Wow,even our guys are denied intel at times and trust me I have more than once shaken a little intelligence corporal to tears after smirking and saying it's a "need to know basis only and you don't have the right clearance" and I'm talking about, were going on a mission, to hunt down bad guys, and I can't be told just who and or what is all waiting for us when we get there? Ugh, I don't miss those days as much as I used to think I did. Hell now that I work for DHS I get told more BS than I do truth. Fox news has become my best "Intel gatherers" at times.

" We have to stay mission oriented" is what I have said before and others have told their troops the same time and time again. It's a brainwashing effect that we do to ourselves and honestly it took me years of being out of the service to understand just how much we have lied to others, lied to ourselves and denied truths to those asking, even to ourselves. If it's coming from the government remember to question everything, believe nothing and find the motive.

May 19, 2017

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