Don’t Ask; Don’t Tell

In 2005 I went to Bolivia and Peru to visit some of the ancient Incan and pre-Incan ruins that had long intrigued me. Previously, back in 1966, I had visited Teotihuacan in Mexico. I flew into La Paz, Bolivia, and went on a guided tour of Tiahuanaco, located at about 13,000 feet above sea level, near La Paz and just south of Lake Titicaca. Having once read of selectively magnetized statuettes found in a ruin in Mexico, I took with me an ordinary magnetic compass, a cheap and easy way to detect magnetic fields. My guide and I entered the museum at the site, and when I took out my compass he told me that nothing inside was magnetized…he would take me to magnetic monoliths that I could test. Emerging from the museum, we climbed atop the Akapana “pyramid,” a cross-shaped structure only 16.5 meters tall, with a sunken courtyard at the top. Here I saw several dark stone monoliths, about five or six feet tall, and, using my compass, I verified that they were indeed magnetized, with one end of each stone being a north pole and the other a south pole. This is almost certainly not a coincidence; whoever built the structures was able to detect magnetism and perhaps even to magnetize iron-containing stones…a level of technology far beyond what is thought to have been possible. Furthermore, my guide’s statement indicated that someone, probably an archaeologist, had looked for magnetism and found it before me…yet this fact, while perhaps not really covered up, has never been publicized. Nor could I find any close photographs of the monoliths on any web site (I myself neglected to photograph them). There were distant photographs that showed what looked like standing stones, and one showing stones that had fallen and were down on the flanks of the structure. The interactivearchaeology.org site mentions “carved stones on its summit and tumbling down its sides,” but I found no other mention of the monoliths, which resembled the one in 2001: A Space Odyssey.
But there is a huge magnetite stone in the UN Building’s eerie “meditation room,” a chamber 33 feet by 18 feet (three sixes). That is 33 as in 33rd degree Freemason and three sixes is the Number of the Beast. This room is maintained by Lucis Trust, an organization including many of the world’s elites, founded by open Luciferian Alice Bailey, a former member of “Madame” Blavatsky’s Theosophy cult.
After Tiahuanaco, and after recovering from altitude sickness, I journeyed on to Cuzco, Peru, and visited the nearby ruins at Sacsahuaman. These ruins consist of two roughly parallel walls, some distance apart, and I had time to climb around on one of them, which had a zig-zag shape and was composed of irregularly shaped stones weighing up to 100 tons. I ran my fingernails around the joints and verified that the stories are true: despite their complex shapes, they are fitted together perfectly. I doubt that, given not only the weight but the shapes of the stones, we could do this today. There have long been stories of a vast, complex tunnel system connecting Sacsahuaman at least to nearby Cuzco’s Koricancha palace, which I also visited, and perhaps to more distant sites. I didn’t get a chance to view the tunnel entrance, but my guide, a local Indian, said he had been in the tunnels, but, after a teenage couple went in and never reemerged, the government blocked the entrance (the existence of the blocked entrance, at least, is no legend, but an established fact).
This makes no sense. Clearly, for people to become lost, there has to be more than one short tunnel; there must be branches and intersections and the system must be quite extensive. But it is inconceivable that the couple could not be found…teams could explore the system and mark the walls to find their way back. And why have the tunnels not been explored, or, if explored, why has their extent and contents been kept secret? Given the wealth of the Incas and their predecessors, there could be gold and emeralds within, and a treasure trove of archaeological knowledge. What is the Peruvian government covering up? And why does the global archaeology community not protest? Is there a vast conspiracy to hide some secret from everyone? Or is there something down there that the authorities are afraid of?
I later visited Machu Picchu, and, walking around well within the complex, I passed a roped-off and guarded area…and, in roughly the middle of it, was the clearly visible entrance to what appeared to be a natural cave. My guide confirmed that it was, indeed, a cave, but clearly didn’t want to discuss the matter any further, and I have found no mention of this cave in any magazine or on any site. Since then I have learned that a team led by French archaeologist Thierry Jamin used lasers and ground-penetrating radar to discover a blocked entrance to an underground stairway leading to a chamber elsewhere in the ruins…but the authorities refuse to allow any excavation, claiming that it might cause collapse of buildings above it. This is unlikely, as the radar shows the chamber is fairly large, and the stones blocking the entrance clearly do not support anything. So, again, what are they hiding?
There are also tunnels and chambers under Teotihuacan in Mexico, and under Giza in Egypt. Regarding Giza, alternative thinkers used to speculate about a tunnel linking the Great Pyramid to a chamber under the Sphinx, and were soundly ridiculed by conventional archaeologists. Now we know that there is a chamber under the Sphinx, and a whole complex of tunnels and chambers under the plateau, apparently connecting with natural limestone caves below the present water table. This information is no longer a secret, but it is not widely publicized.
There appears to be a global conspiracy to hide the antiquity of human civilizations, ancient technology…and something very strange beneath our feet.
William B. Stoecker

Jul 9, 2017

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