Death to Whistleblowers
Along with engineered wars and depressions and major false flag operations, it appears that our masters have murdered any number of citizens, both in and out of government, who knew too much about the NWO(New World Order elites), the Deep State, and, especially, the deeds of the Demonic Duo, Slick and Hillary (or, as I prefer to call her, the Witch). This has been going on for a long time, but it really went into overdrive after the assassinations of the sixties (John and Robert Kennedy, Martin Luther King, and the wounding of George Wallace) changed America forever. Few have noticed that America moved sharply to the left after they killed JFK.
Perhaps the most recent case is that of DNC operative Seth Rich, a naïve young man, ill-equipped to defend himself, who, apparently disillusioned when the Witch and the DNC stole the nomination from Comrade Sanders, appears to have leaked DNC emails, a deed the leftists have since tried to blame on the wicked, wicked Russians. The emails appear to have been leaked from the inside by someone on the East Coast, and Mr. Rich lived and worked in the District of Criminals. He left Lou’s City Bar around 1:30 to 1:45 early on the morning of 7/10/16. Someone shot him in the back multiple times, and there was no robbery. In a pattern that has become all too familiar over the last few decades, there were contradictory reports regarding the number of wounds; surveillance tapes allegedly showed only the legs of two other people at the time of the shooting, according to DC Police, and no faces were visible. The Metropolitan Police Department does not exactly have a stellar record, and in the past worked with the Park Police who appear to have botched or deliberately covered up the Vince Foster murder. The Chief of Police, Cathy L. Lanier, retired two months after Rich’s murder. Rich died in the hospital, and there has been one report claiming that the attending physician had close links to the DNC. While all of this does not absolutely prove that the hit was authorized by the Demonic Duo, the DNC, or the Deep State (or all of them working together), it is, as stated above, part of a larger pattern…and that pattern emerged long before the death of Seth Rich.
Dorothy Kilgallen was a TV game show panelist and journalist, who distrusted the Warren Commission, suspecting that JFK died due to a wider conspiracy. She wrote several articles on the subject, and, in 8/64, published Jack Ruby’s testimony in several papers. For the historically challenged, Jack Ruby was the Mob associate who murdered Lee Harvey Oswald, the alleged lone gunman and murderer of JFK. Just prior to her death, which was ruled an accident, she was researching a book on the JFK killing, blaming New Orleans Mob boss Carlos Marcello, and was planning to meet with a secret informant. Her body was found in her bed (like Marilyn Monroe), or, according to one report, on the floor of her NYC townhouse. This kind of confusion and contradiction is a common factor in these cases. She allegedly died from taking sleeping pills after drinking alcohol. This is possible, and she was a drinker (but not an alcoholic) and did use sleeping pills. There was a mysterious powder residue in a glass near her bed, never explained. Her system contained far more barbiturates than the normal dose for sleep…including two compounds not present in her sleeping pills. Although she died in Manhattan, her body was inexplicably sent to Brooklyn for an autopsy, where the coroner, some have claimed, was corrupt and working for the Mob. No one of these facts is damning, but, again, there is that pattern. It seems highly likely that she was murdered by the Mob or the operatives of the NWO/Deep State.
Danny Casolaro was an investigative journalist working for one William Hamilton who, while working for the US Department of Justice, developed something called PROMIS software. He then left the government and founded the Inslaw Corporation to market the software, but the government claimed that it was theirs because he had been working for them when he designed it. But, as sometimes happens, Casolaro began finding evidence that led him to more evidence, and on and on, leaving the PROMIS case far behind and discovering what he called the “Octopus,” meaning the NWO elites and their Deep State. Mr. Casolaro, who had been planning (like Dorothy Kilgallen) to meet with an informant, and who, according to his family, had been receiving threatening phone calls, was found 8/10/92 in a motel bathtub in Martinsburg, West Virginia, with his wrists slashed 10-12 times. Most of his documents (and, whatever they contained, he was known to carry a briefcase full of papers) were missing (shades of Karen Silkwood). At his funeral, an unidentified Army officer in uniform and a man in civilian clothes placed some kind of medal on his casket, and the officer saluted. They left without speaking to anyone. No one slashes his wrists more than two or three times…no one. Casolaro was not believed by his family to be depressed or suicidal. He was murdered, almost certainly because he was finding out too much about our glorious masters. And what of the men bringing the medal? Is there a secret group of “good guys” within the government, who recognized Danny Casolaro as a hero? We will probably never know.
Vince Foster was not the first, nor the last person to have been (almost certainly) murdered on the orders of the Demonic Duo. He was Slick Clinton’s childhood friend in Hope, Arkansas, but creatures like the Clintons consider friends to be expendable. Foster had been a partner at the Rose Law Firm in Little Rock, where he hired the Witch. He became Slick’s Deputy White House Counsel, but was unhappy in his work, and tired of the long hours and the stress. On 7/20/93 his body was found in Marcy Park in DC (a park he was not known to frequent, and which was not near his home or the WH) with a torn up, typed “suicide” letter with the signature missing, which some investigators say looked more like a resignation letter. Remember that job stress is unlikely to drive a man to suicide when he knows that he can simply resign and return to a previous lucrative legal career. The Park Police immediately labeled the death a suicide…not normal procedure. The man who found the body saw no gun anywhere, but later a gun was found in Foster’s hand, an unregistered gun he is not known to have owned. In suicide cases, the gun almost always is dropped, and recoil often propels it up to several feet from the body. Foster had been shot through the mouth and there was no pool of blood under the body (head wounds bleed copiously). A pattern of dried blood on his face would have to have trickled uphill, which, I believe, contradicts the law of gravity. The only fingerprints on the gun were under the removable grip, and they were not Foster’s. People living nearby had not heard the shot, and none of them were interviewed for months…again, not normal procedure. The ground was muddy, but there was no mud on his shoes. His clothing was covered with carpet fibers, as if he had been shot somewhere else and fallen onto a carpet, or his body had been carried wrapped in a carpet. His car was not at the scene; it magically appeared hours later, and the hood was still warm. Slick had fired and replaced FBI Director William Sessions the day before the death. The Witch’s aide, Maggie Williams, ransacked Foster’s office, removing many files. And on and on and on…this is just a summary of some of the evidence. Foster was murdered…period. The Demonic Duo must have feared that he was about to reveal their crimes; I personally suspect that he was horrified and disillusioned after the Waco incident.
Slick’s Secretary of Commerce, Ron H. Brown, died with 34 others in the crash of a USAF CT-43 in Dubrovnik, Croatia, on his way to negotiate a deal between the Croatian government and ENRON (yes, that ENRON). At the time he was facing criminal charges for soliciting illegal campaign contributions for Slick. When Slick refused to help him avoid the charges, Brown threatened to reveal the contributions Slick had received from Communist China. First reports said the plane crashed at sea in a storm; these were amended to a crash in good weather into a mountainside. There was what appeared to be a bullet hole in Brown’s head, and Slick refused to allow an autopsy. Like I keep saying, we’ve seen this pattern before.
William Egan Colby had served in the Jedburgh Teams (ancestors of the US Army Special Forces), part of the OSS (predecessor of the CIA) during WW2, parachuting into Nazi-occupied Europe. He oversaw the controversial Phoenix program in Vietnam, and later was Director of Central Intelligence. After his retirement he lived in Rock Point, Maryland. On 4/27/96 his body was found face down on one side of a sandbar in the Wicomico River, downstream from his home. His canoe, inexplicably filled with sand, was on the other side of the sandbar. He had left a half-eaten meal and an open, partly full wine bottle in his house…not normal behavior for a man considered by family and friends to be meticulous and orderly. Based on reports of neighbors who last saw him alive (and his wife, whom he called at 7:00 PM), he had to have set out in his canoe after dark…again, not normal behavior. Colby was regarded by Henry Kissinger and Gerald Ford as a bit of a loose cannon, too honest when testifying before Congress. This is more than suspicious.
Gary Webb was an investigative reporter for the San Jose Mercury News. In 1996 he wrote his “Dark Alliance” series, claiming that Nicaragua’s Contra rebels were involved in the crack cocaine trade, possibly supported by the CIA. He resigned from the paper in 1997 and became an investigator for the California State Legislature, and a reporter for Sacramento’s News and Review newspaper. (While he was there, his paper gave me an award for Sacramento’s “best conspiracy show,” which I hosted for Access Sacramento. I’ve always suspected that Gary Webb had something to do with that). On 12/10/04 he was found dead from two gunshot wounds to the head. While it is not impossible for someone to shoot themselves twice in the head, it is highly, highly improbable.
Andrew Breitbart was a conservative Washington Times reporter, and an editor for the Drudge Report. He had investigated Anthony Weiner and ACORN, and had once accused John Podesta of being a “world class underage sex slave op cover-upper.” Just before his death he had announced that he would soon release video of Obama that would do major damage. His body was found 3/1/12 in the Brentwood section of Los Angeles, on the sidewalk, and his death was claimed by the coroner to have been the result of heart disease. Weeks later, that same coroner, Michael Cormier, was found dead at age 61 with no history of major health problems.
Michael Hastings was yet another journalist very critical of Obama and of America’s surveillance state. Just before his death he complained that he thought the FBI was investigating him, and claimed that he was “onto a big story” and might have to “go off the radar.” He also said that he was afraid to drive his own car, suspecting that someone had tampered with it. On 6/18/13 he died in a high speed car crash in LA; witnesses said his car was trailing smoke and flames even before it crashed into a palm tree and literally exploded.
This is but a partial list of mysterious deaths; the Demonic Duo alone have racked up a bigger kill total. And I’m afraid Seth Rich wasn’t the final victim. On 7/14/17 GOP operative Peter Smith, who was trying to get the Witch’s emails, was suicided in a Minnesota hotel room, leaving a note claiming “NO FOUL PLAY WHATSOEVER.” There was no known reason for suicide; he had some heart trouble, but that was being treated successfully. Klaus Eberwein was due to testify before the US Senate about corruption in the Clinton Foundation when he, too, was suicided with a gunshot to the head.
These murders, and the false flag operations, and all of it will not stop unless we the people rise up and stop it. And that may require some very drastic measures.
William (Ben) Stoecker
[email protected]

Jul 18, 2017

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