These people...they are all part of the same problem. They are more worried about this world than the King who owns it.

Everyone cares about their rights, that the majority don't fight for nor do they even understand them fully. Every one cares about their gender or sexual preference, or about politics and race. But where are the demonstrations for Jesus? Will the real CHRISTIANs please stand up and claim that glory, God's grace is ours. Jesus has redeemed us. We don't belong to this world we belong to Him.

Brothers and sisters stay away from the protests and demonstrations. Pay attention to them of course, you need to know and understand the world around you but stay away from the wave of serpents that are flooding the streets. Let the police do their jobs and stay out of the way.

The problem with these people, in my opinion, who are protesting is that there is no love for Jesus in their hearts. Their minds are hijacked by the demons of this world, and they have shut out God.

Dark days are ahead and make sure your pantry's are stocked, you have extra gas in a gas can, batteries, and plenty of fresh water. If this breaks bad anything can happen.

My fear is that another vehicle borne attack may happen or another bombing. Also, these protests and demonstrations pull alot of assets from the police so there may be no police in your area. Keep your eyes out for suspicious persons and call 911 to report the person and what they are doing. (We love to know about that kind of stuff).

Keep some form of weapons on you for a means of self preservation for yourself and others around you.

God bless you all, stay safe, stay alert and stay prayed up.

Aug 19, 2017

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