Back channels were surging with info for several months prior to Harvey. Once Harvey hit it triggered a series of fed/UN acts and obligations to Agenda 21/2030, such as:

Environmental justice for poor people
Coastal Zone Management including depop/migration
Eco Terrorism charges for selected people and organizations
Post-Katrina Emergency Management Reform Act of 2006 (PKEMRA)
Historic Preservation (the joint FEMA/Smithsonian + contractual agreement)

FEMA $ are not free: Every person and entity who gets fed $ must sign and agree to implement SF 424 A & B which obligates them to Clean Water/Clean Air Act, Scenic Wild Rivers Act, civil rights obligations, non-discrimination clauses. It is a dense 2 page small print contract.

When Kat was nothing I was told by my boss when she hit there would be NO response, NO MATTER WHAT. They had objectives to meet. There was no public outcry against those objectives and so they stand. Now are on to new ones. With Kat $ redistribution scheme played a large part (FEMA & DHS). With Harvey and rolling disasters, tip to split US into zones, and an ethnic war with $ going to the controllers? Plus take care of Trump factor.

I am beginning to hear wildfire chatter with drastic proposals, different Acts, same plan.

I am so thankful that He in the heavens laughs at the plans of man, that there is protection by the blood of Jesus, and eventually evil will end.

Aug 31, 2017

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