Harvey and Irma are manufactured events. He is insistent that Irma will turn up the coast and wreck havoc from Florida to the North East coast. He shared that Harvey's name means 'battle worthy' and Irma means world 'war goddess'.

Hi Steve, we have emailed before and once talked on the phone but I'm just an atom in your world. I have to tell you about my nephew Josh. Well he dreamed of Trump becoming president before he ran and insisted after his announcement that he would win. He has had other dreams that came completely true too. Well a week ago he had a dream about Irma before it was even a storm and said it would become a cat 5. He woke up and said water was in his house and he has twin boys 1 year old and went into a panic. He has been trying to post warnings on Facebook to see them changed or texting friends to see just random characters. He has been taking pictures of black suv 's going by his house on a regular basis. He went to Wal-Mart and bought out baby food. He showed me a doctored FB post where what he wrote was cometly changed. On his Facebook this was witten: " The meterorogists were nor given a gag order, I dont want to create massive hysteria but you go ahead and stay right where you're at and listen to that TV my family is in the government I know exactly what's going on get the f*** out of there ( Steve that's not his post). My wife and I are prepping ourselves buying fuel food and water but are also planning to bug out. We both live in Norfolk and last year we were hit by Mathew and it wasn't supposed to be according to forecasts. I have never seen flooding like it in Norfolk. We are second only to New Orleans at risk of severe flooding. I hope you get this Steve but with gmail I have my doubts. As a matter of fact I will be ditching all things Google very soon, we are already searching on Start Page and amazing in the differerence in results.
Best and God Bless
Bob Brown

Sep 5, 2017

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