The shooting at this church is yet another example that the world is out for the blood of the righteous. Our Lord Jesus Christ told us that the world hated him, surely it will hate us too. We have to defend the flock, ditch your fancy suit and grab a Glock. I strongly advise all elders of the churches and church leaders to seek out well trained armed security, like off duty police officers or combat veterans.

Also, I strongly advise that all church leaders seek out active shooter awareness classes and have the instructors be hosted in the church's. This is something I get tasked to do alot but I have yet to be asked to teach people how to react to or be ready to stop an active shooter that's amongst us. I have given hundreds of these classes to government employees for over 5 years now and every time I give the class, someone leaves scarred and someone leaves determined to not be a victim.

Here's my advice and take it seriously. Get a firearm and train every day with it. Get your concealed carry permit and carry a pistol on you every day. Know and understand your gun laws and concealed carry laws in your state.

Practice for how your church would respond to an active shooter. The internet is full of power points on this topic but you need to vet it and ask a local police officer if the tactics and comments on the power point sound credible. Heck most police agencies will willingly give you a class on this. Active shooter awareness course.

*Have a plan, have a leo review the plan and make corrections if needed, practice the plan with local police and fire department, then practice the plan again, and again, and again, and again, until you can't get it wrong. *

If you think it can't happen to you or your church your wrong. Dead wrong. And don't give me this, " well if I die then it's my time and I'll just go to heaven" crap. Yes if you die, I pray that you do go to heaven, but you men who call yourselves the leaders of the church maybe having to explain to the Son and the Father why you didn't protect His flock from the wolves. Any of this sound familiar preachers?

Also, ALWAYS keep medical emergency bags with pressure bandages and tourniquets staged on hand and make freaking sure you know how to use it! The best medicine in an active shooter, is to stop the killing first then tend to the wounded.

You people better start taking this serious none of you are on an exception list, your all available targets of opportunity. I don't want to see any more dead christians because some people are morally opposed to violence or are lazy, ignorant and complacent.

You are charged to defend the house, the word and the children of God. You better take that serious, Pastors and Church leaders this is your fault for being complacent. Sorry to be that guy, but some needed to say it.

Steve, if any Pastor needs help on this I am more than willing to give the proper advice and materials.

God, protect us all and forgive us for our sins. Lord Jesus, send a call to the Holy Spirit and to charge the leaders of the flock to start protecting the flock, not just preaching to them. We are under attack Lord we need your guidance and courage. Please Lord, send the Holy Spirit into these leaders of our church so that they may take action. SO BE IT!.

Sep 24, 2017

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