FROM FEDERAL LEO:What this "student" did at the University of Wisconsin is so appalling that I can't believe he wasn't thrown out. This is all part of the radical lefts scare tactics and to incite more violence.

Funny how the only brutal and racist mainliners are Liberals. At this point anyone going to college is treading on thin ice and hope for your sakes that you are all covered under the blood of Jesus.

What this "student" did at the University of Wisconsin is so appalling that I can't believe he wasn't thrown out. This is all part of the radical lefts scare tactics and to incite more violence. If the DOJ would actually do their jobs, if we the police were allowed to do our jobs, things would be much different in this nation.

Are We the People really going to sit around and let the US become a third world country that is being politically dictated over with an ISIS type terrorist cell like Antifa and BLM? Or be taken over by Socialist and Communists?
At this rate probably so.

American citizens you better wake and smell the bacon. Our nation is no longer at risk of being taken over by radicals. We are being taken over by radicals. The college's across our country have become a breeding ground for those who are Anti-Americana.

Our entire way of life is at risk and meanwhile, the NFL has partaken in one of the biggest national disgraces to our country since the hippy revolution; and you people still go to the games? Do you really not see this bread and circus strategy? Do you honestly think everything is just fine and dandy with the tempo of our nation? You fool's are asking for a judgement and when God judges our nation, may He have mercy on us all.

So maybe the liberals aren't the majority of our nation but they are rocking the political boat to the beat of Communism and they are being promoted by almost every establishment. We were graced by God to not have Hillary Clinton as our president but the left is going in such a radical direction that soon, I predict, more blatant attacks on our country and even more violent riots will commence to the point that your precious days of being complacent with not opposing these terrorist will be over. The Left ladies and gentlemen want a war. They have been waging a political war and the riots are just the beginning.

The lefts war cry has been down with AMERICA and White people and police are the enemies. Yet it seems like nobody cares. Trust me, we who swore an oath to this country, to the protection our people and to the Constitution; we are taking this very seriously.

Take a look at Nazi Germany and study the idealisms and methods the National Socialist Party ran by Hitler did. They intimidated and murdered they're way into victory and destroyed that once great country from the inside and out. Horrible acts were committed by the LEFT wing Nazi National Socialist and you complacent lazy people are letting it happen, again.

When will we put a stop to this?

I hear this all the time " we will pray for God to fix our country". Yes, we should pray for this but you better pick up some steel and get ready because a war is still coming. Call it whatever you want, a soft political revolution, a peaceful demonstration, or an all out war on our way of life. Either way, it's happening.

Who is willing to stand up to the Left?
Some have answered this call and most of you are complicit with the destruction of our nation. What a disgrace and shame. Have we not paid attention to history?

Trump was a wake up call to the Left and they are answering it. Trust me, Trump was a wake up call to ISIS and the Drug Cartels and they are feeling our wrath. I hope you people are ready for this because if We the People don't stop them, they will win and we will lose all of this.

Patriots of America I applaud all of you who are fighting against this evil but our numbers are lacking. The sheep in this nation will be eaten by the wolves and it will be your own fault.

You better wake up. This is not a drill nor a conspiracy. This is real. Our Nation and our very way of life is at risk, will you do nothing to stop it?

We need another Colonial uprising to combat this Leftist revolution. We need to stop this threat now. You in the media that are giving these Leftist a platform, you are choosing a side.

I pray that God will show all of you who think I'm full hot air, just how bad this is now and how much worse it is going to get. May the Spirit of God put righteousness in your hearts and steel in your spines.

Because to me, all of you who stand by and let this happen are spineless and you will be conquered by thine own hands.

Oct 1, 2017

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