Hi Steve,

I just read your article about the multiple gunmen. I talked to Dr. T. A who attended the True Legends Conference with us, yesterday. He had just talked to a friend of his, who is a nurse. Her son went to Vegas for this concert with his girlfriend and her cousins. He got sick and stayed in the hotel, but the others who went said people were dropping all around them, they were not injured. They told her that there were at least 5 shooters. I just thought I would pass that on to you. and Thank you for sharing your heart on the Hagman show last week, I was only just able to listen. You are a blessing to many, to the remnant, and we appreciate it and all you have done over the years. We have not been able to watch the video's yet that you sent to we who where there, but will this weekend. That conference was so worth the 10 hour drive. Thank you for being the watchman you are. Bless your heart, your all in our prayers.

Oct 5, 2017

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