La Palma strengthens volcanic monitoring after more than 150 earthquakes in 48 hours

La Palma strengthens volcanic monitoring after more than 150 earthquakes in 48 hours

The intense seismic activity that occurred this weekend in La Palma stopped at seven in the morning yesterday, when the last earthquake occurred under the ridge of Cumbre Vieja. The National Geographic Institute (IGN) has counted between Saturday and Sunday more than 150 earth movements, of which 68, between 1.5 and 2.9 degrees, have been located. Despite this sudden earthquake stop, at least until the end of this edition, which have not been felt by the population, the IGN yesterday moved to La Palma three portable seismic stations and a team of experts in geology and geochemistry to analyze the phenomenon with more depth.

The director in the Canary Islands of this organization, María José Blanco, confirmed in statements to DIARIO DE AVISOS that they are carrying out "a more precise monitoring of the activity that is being detected from all points of view". And, as we reported in yesterday's edition, it is the first time that a process of this nature has been recorded on the island since the 1970s, when the seismic monitoring system was implemented.

"Seismicity so far is very small and it is too early to make an assessment," said Blanco, who did not want to venture any estimate on whether this phenomenon may be related to an eruptive process that could be triggering on the Island.

What it did contribute as a relevant fact is the fact that in the monitoring system only seismicity has been recorded, "but we have not detected anything in the deformation of the terrain or in geochemistry", which are other methods that are used in volcanic monitoring . In these two objects of study he assures that they have not found "any strange parameter, only basic values", being the only activity "anomalous" until this moment the one of seismic nature.

Oct 11, 2017

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