I am part of the company which is being sold off and merged with two other companies to create a brand new company, which will exclusively focus on providing technology services to the federal government, as is described here:

As an employee I attended an audio/video presentation today, in which a high level executive by the name of Marilyn C, discussed the new company into which I will be merged. I am used to going through corporate reorganizations, but this time heard something that completely shocked me. But, first take a look at the image of the slide deck, and in particular the image of the pyramid. When Marilyn went through this particular slide, she said this is modeled on the pyramid of the back of the dollar bill, and that we are going to be completing the pyramid. I just couldn’t believe my ears.There is something which could conceivably cause the company to go down the drain.The employees have been very unhappy due to lack of pay raises and bonuses for years, combined with cuts in benefits. Many people are demoralized and likely to quit their jobs before 'completing the pyramid'

Oct 18, 2017

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