Steve, Concerning the report of the North Texas tremors. Tuesday at around
mid afternoon, my brothernlaw and I were outside ( I live in West Central
Arkansas right on the Oklahoma border). We kept hearing exploding noises
coming directly from the west from Oklahoma (Leflore County) There was a
little weather out that way, but even though it sounded unusual I kind of
dismissed it to the weather. I live approximately 15 miles from Fort Chaffe
and we are use to hearing bombs going off when they are training there. We
are close enough that it will slightly rattle the house a little. It always
comes from the East. Well, again this morning I started hearing the
explosion noises coming from the West in Oklahoma. Every 30 seconds or so
for about a half hour I continually heard the BOOM. I have called my County
Sherriff, the Leflore County authorities and the newspaper. They are
getting reports but noone knows what it is and they are trying to find out.
I have never heard this type of noise in the years that I have lived here
coming from that direction. It is very strange to say the least.ANDY

Dec 6, 2012

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