In the oceans life is dwindling, what will happen if the oceans die? Are the insects suffering for what is happening in the sky? The black plague has been reborn, will it spread worldwide? Why are there no more reports of Fukushima,what rides it's tides


The weather is churning like a pot too hot and boiling over
Nations around the world right now are preparing their soldiers.
Antifa says that on November 4th it all begins
And the pedophiles are being revealed much to their chagrin.

Evil is afoot and moving through the land for the time is now grown short
For news one must now diligently search to find a true report.
What is planned and for whom on November fourth?
What catastrophe will be released, what entities will come forth?

In the oceans life is dwindling, what will happen if the oceans die?
Are the insects suffering for what is happening in the sky?
The black plague has been reborn, will it spread worldwide?
Why are there no more reports of Fukushima, what rides in upon the tide?

Can the good be discerned from the evil and who can be trusted?
Have witches shined their brooms and their magic wands been dusted?
What can we make of a world that has become in a word, bizarro?
Will we survive the night, will we see tomorrow?

Scientist are curiously watching for a massive volcano to blow
History is being hidden so that the truth the young will never know.
Perhaps the electric grid will fail and we will live in the dark
And every day someone finds another possibility for “the mark.”

Who has the biggest bomb and who will send the first missiles into flight?
When war comes to the entire world what will be the reason for the fight?
Slowly we had seen racial healing until a small evil cadre brought racism back to life.
Every kind of perversion has become rampant and has escalated to new heights.

Speaking of heights, are the “high places” still utilized, are they still revered?
Is there something going on that the men of earth should fear?
Are there beings under the earth, under the ice or watching us from space?
The faults of earth are as precarious as the boiling magma and we could see a quake.

Is it possible for man to produce a child with a robot bride?
Can the coasts survive a giant tsunami tide?
Mars seems to be at the center of the space race curiosity
I’m not sure where we’re heading but we’re traveling with great velocity.

Are these events controlled by saboteurs of a shadow government?
What plans have been initiated? Who signed the malevolent binding covenants?
Should we be concerned about our food and our water?
Are there men who are destined to be slaughtered?

Pharmaceutical dependence, bio weapons and the constant threat of war
An economic collapse, a government coupe and creepy portal doors
And if this is not enough we have to find a safe cover from the threat of falling stars.
What is a man to make of things so chaotic and bizarre?

If you’re not acquainted with the Word of God then you will have no answers
You are left to think the minds of men have been destroyed by some brain-eating cancer.
Those who know the Truth know chaos is not the seed for birthing order.
We have simply past a time foretold; we have crossed a prophetic border.

Do not fear the days ahead and the events yet to be seen
Prepare your heart, your soul and mind by getting to your knees.
Repent and prepare today for things will continue down this path
There will be days of sorrow, a coming judgement called the Day of Wrath.

The signs and warnings are a call to repentance not a call to fear.
The chaos is disturbing but those with ears will hear
The sound of the trumpet that will call home the remnant
And we will be caught up with Christ and leave this earthly tenement.

No man knows that day and no man knows that hour
And we tend to forget the Bible says before that day this earth will become quite dour.
So while we’re listening for that trumpet we need to also see
All the signs that He provides and all of God’s Word we need to read.

There is no escaping what Jesus said about “when you see these things,”
He said our redemption is getting closer not that it’s time to leave.
Paul described to Timothy how men would act in what he called the last days
We are seeing his words come to pass and it is time to pray.

Pray that we will be found worthy to escape rather than be enslaved
Pray that many will repent, there are many more yet who will be saved.
Pray that we will have wisdom and be spiritually discerning
Pray that we are not deceived and we’re found ready for His returning.

by Randy Conway

Oct 26, 2017

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