Doug Jones’ Soros Connections

The Alabama Senate race has been contentious with emotions running high on both sides. The suspicious timing of the allegations against Judge Moore should at least be considered. While investigations continue, there is no proof. There is strong evidence that the last accuser presented evidence that is false. Contrast that with known facts about Democrat Doug Jones. He boasts that he believes abortion should be legal up until the baby is actually born—even if the mother chooses to end the baby’s life a few seconds before he is born. So partial birth abortion is one of the issues Jones proudly supports and without hesitation he would vote to remove all legal restrictions on this practice. His support for this issue is well known. Not so well known are his connections with organizations and causes that are extremely liberal and far to the left of traditional Alabama values. Much of his work for liberal causes has been and continues to be through George Soros funded organizations.

On the website, four groups, all with high sounding names, are listed that are funded by Soros’ Open Society Foundations. Jones is closely associated with at least three of these.

(1)The Constitution Project which seeks to “foster consensus-based solutions to difficult constitutional issues of our time.” [That is, not to follow the Constitution as written, but to promote what amounts to consensus regarding constitutional authority making the Constitution a document which would change with the prevailing culture]

(2) The Equal Justice Initiative challenges racial and economic bias in incarceration and punishment. Claiming extreme racial bias on the part of government and law enforcement, the EJI seeks lesser penalties or no penalties for
criminals based on race and economics and it stirs up controversies against law enforcement.

(3) The Marshal Project seeks to create a sense of national urgency about the U.S. criminal justice system having much the same philosophy as the EJI.

(4) The Brennan Center for Justice, a far-left policy institute based in New York and Washington claiming to focus on issues of democracy and justice.

Jones is particularly tied to the Brennan Center as well as having ties to the Marshall Project and the Equal Justice Initiative.

In the United States, Soros’ funding provides the means of operation for liberal organizations promoting left-wing causes from gay marriage and drug legalization to anti-death penalty strategies. He gives liberally from his millions to the Democratic Party. He funds programs and classes at universities in America and around the world which promote his radical ideology. Eighty different liberal groups have received $1 million or more from Soros. Human Rights Watch, The Drug Policy Alliance (seeking to decriminalize drug offenses), The Tides Foundation, National Public Radio, and more “social justice” initiatives are all in his debt. Soros’ donations fund his extensive network of liberal media outlets as instruments of spreading his anti-God, anti-American, anti-capitalist, and anti-life propaganda. Doug Jones’ ties to Soros ties him to these causes as well.

In December 2011 Jones was one of 15 to sign a letter sent to Congress from the Brennan Center for Justice calling for the restoration of full voting rights nationwide to felons released from prison, including those convicted of murder, rape, and other violent crimes. This letter was in support of a bill, the Democracy Restoration Act, introduced in the House and Senate by Rep. John Conyers, Jr. (D-MI) and Sen. Ben Cardin (D-MD). Conyers has a long history of association with the Democratic Socialists of America and he is a member of the very liberal Congressional Progressive Caucus. For decades Jones has been a champion of voting rights for criminals calling for blanket restoration of voting privileges for all criminals upon release.

Jones is listed on the Democracy Restoration Act information page along with many far-left activists groups funded by Soros. These include the ACLU, Alliance for Justice, NAACP, and Black Youth Vote! (In fairness, there are some respected organizations listed as well.) Also, Jones is listed with the Campaign for America’s Future which partnered with the Occupy movement to organize anti-capitalists protests with which we are familiar.

Jones has promoted a “living wage plan” for Alabama and for the country which, despite its favorable name, has hurt small businesses and low income workers and most importantly, was originally a project of ACORN which reveals its sinister nature. This plan was conceived and promoted by the Brennan Center for Justice and, tied to the ACORN initiatives, joined with the Industrial Areas Foundation which was the main organizing entity of the radical Sol Alinsky.
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Jones was at the forefront of an effort by the Brennan Center to fundamentally transform the role of U.S. Attorneys from that of prosecuting criminals to activists promoting the enactment of a “progressive” criminal justice agenda. A key feature of this was an effort to reduce sentencing for drug offenders. These efforts are ongoing by the progressive left, including Doug Jones.

Jones is an active member of the National Lawyers Guild which has as one of its main objectives defending protesters from radical groups who get arrested in disrupting political campaigns, particularly conservative campaigns. The first national student organizer and present notable member of this guild is Bernadine Dohrn, leader of the notorious Weather Underground anti-American domestic terrorist group along with her husband, Bill Ayers.

Doug Jones supports Obama Care and has worked diligently to oppose all efforts to repeal and replace it.

Doug Jones supports amnesty for illegal aliens and he opposes all efforts to effectively secure our borders.

Doug Jones is no advocate of conservatism and, if placed into office, will vote in typical liberal fashion against all efforts to restore America back to foundational core values of constitutional order. He would never vote to confirm a pro-life or strict constitutionalist to the Supreme Court. He would vote against any such a nominee.

How can we in Alabama even think of sending such an entrenched liberal Democrat to Washington?

Whatever your opinion of Judge Moore, he has been scrutinized more than most politicians for 30 plus years. If such impropriety was in his nature and common to his conduct, it is hard to believe that it would not have come out before now. His elections have been so contentious, his opposition would surely have discovered and exposed inappropriate behavior if he is guilty of such. But the issue has taken on such emotional overtones and the attitude of accusation equaling guilt, that rational judgment has been made difficult. In any case, please consider that Judge Moore’s conservative record is pristine, he is not associated with Soros and left-wing causes, and he is extremely pro-life. He is not a Soros-funded left-leaning Hillary surrogate as is Doug Jones.

The Senate already has a razor thin conservative majority. Why would we send one to the Senate who will diminish that majority even more? Our Senator’s votes will have far-reaching implications. On the basis of unproven accusations, why would we not send the man whom we know will vote conservatively and enhance the conservative base in the Senate instead of one we know will oppose and seek to destroy it?


Nov 18, 2017

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